Thursday, March 12, 2015

PAX Labs CEO Teases 'Fundamentally Different' E-Cigarette

PAX Labs (formerly known as Ploom) is at it again. Always on the cutting edge of vapor technology and THR, PAX Labs is setting out to prove that it understands what it takes to develop a satisfying vape. This is the company that is responsible for turning me into a former smoker, so naturally I am excited to find out more about anything new that they have to offer!


NEW YORK --The leaders of PAX Labs teased not one, but two upcoming new products from the San Francisco-based vapor manufacturer during a recent Wells Fargo “Tobacco Talk” Conference Call Series--an update to their heat-not-burn vaporizer and what they called a “game-changer” entrance into the electronic cigarette space.

The Pax 2 will retail for $280 (approximately $30 over the original Pax price point). 

“It’s a premium product,” said Bowen. “We’ve held to the premium position in the marketplace. This allows us to reinvest significantly, keeping our technology ahead of curve.”

Indeed, anything that I have ever tried from this company has been nothing other than top notch.

When it came to the company’s second product “announcement,” Bowen and Monsees were admittedly vague on the company’s yet-to-be-named e-cigarette product.

Though he couldn’t share a name, pricepoint or launch date, Bowen did promise that Pax’s offering is “an e-cigarette—but an e-cig that’s fundamentally different.

I am intrigued.

This is where things get really interesting:

Specifically, the engineers on Pax’s research and development team looked to solve the difference between how nicotine is delivered in a combustible cigarette versus an electronic cigarette.

“All the e-cigs on the market are basically using the same chemistry--nicotine in its pure form,” Bowen said. “If you look at cigarettes, what you find are nicotine salts: nicotine complexed with organic acid to form a salt. This was a huge discovery.”

Those salts, Bowen said, deliver nicotine in a vastly different way than the vaporization of liquid nicotine. From there, the company went to work reverse engineering the naturally forming nicotine salts from tobacco leaves to use in their electronic cigarette product.

“The result of this is really profound: a night and day difference,” said Bowen. “This new platform delivered, finally, a real cigarette experience.” 

This is a product that is ultimately going to change the nature of the e-cigarette industry,” Monsees said.

That's a pretty bold statement to make, but considering the source, I believe it. As a major fan of the original PAX and the modelTwo, I am looking forward to trying out any new product that comes from this novel and progressive minded company.

PAX Labs CEO Teases 'Fundamentally Different' E-Cigarette


  1. I have investigated the current Pax products though I'm holding off for now until price comes down (or maybe come by little windfall). Thanks for your leadership in this area, JRed, as well as not leaving your fellow "smokers" behind. This new "tease" of theirs sounds interesting indeed. Regards, Merilee O

    1. Thank you for the kind words Merilee.

  2. I wonder if this is the 'holy grail' of e liquid that provides the same satisfaction as a cigarette. My WTA although being more expensive didn't do anything for me. I purchased the Ploom ModelTwo based on your excellent review and found both the flavor and effect to be much much better. I plan on getting the Pax 2 when I have the funds.

    1. Obviously, I'm a big fan of the modelTwo also. I'm also wanting to get a PAX2, but the price is prohibiting me from doing so at this time.

      "I wonder if this is the 'holy grail' of e liquid that provides the same satisfaction as a cigarette."

      Lol...I wonder too. I'm going to miss the pods though.

      We'll see...

  3. I finally got the funds to get a PAX 2 since I figured you were right about the Ploom Model Two pods disappearing from the U.S. in the not too distant future. I filled the oven with some Blend X raspberry and set the oven to the second lowest level (Orange) as suggested by the rep at Pax Labs. I was blown away by how flavorful the tobacco was and more importantly by the delicious effect of the nicotine and other relaxing alkaloids that are in the whole leaf. Vaping tobacco takes some getting used to but after one adjusts, the experience is quite nice. Plus, no nasty pipe ashes to clean like when I used to combust my tobacco blends. Anyway, thanks to your blog, I have found what I've been searching for in my vape experience.

    1. That's awesome! I'm glad to hear that you have found what you have been looking for. It can be a long and expensive process when you're searching for just the right vape. I am itching to try the PAX 2 myself. It has a deeper oven and 4 temperatures instead of three, which is making me wonder if the flavor isn't better on the PAX2 as compared to the original PAX. Going off of what you're saying, it sounds like it.

      Speaking of temperatures....What are the four temperature options?

  4. The temps are 360 F, 380 F, 400 F and 420 F. I have my tobacco on the 380 F setting which is orange in color on the LED lights.

  5. Nice. There's a temperature setting for every preference. I would likely choose 360f because of my love for the modelTwo which is set @ 356f.


  6. Looks like the Juul is coming out on June 1st:

    1. Thanks for the update Larry. Between the PAX2 (that I haven't gotten and the Juul I might not be so bummed about opening that last pack of modelTwo pods. If PAX Labs can top that then they really have something special on their hands.

      "Packs of four cartridges will be available for sale at $15.99 each."

      Now THAT (price-wise) is a lot more economical for us musicians and regular folks, as is buying premium pipe tobacco for the PAX.

      I wonder what it is about nicotine salts. I have read up quite a bit on tobacco science and tobacco/vapor related issues, and although I am no expert, I have never heard anyone mention nicotine salt(s) as being an important component to the overall smoking/vaping experience. I look forward to hearing and learning more about this:-)



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