Tuesday, June 3, 2014

A Nicotine-Free Cigarette in Europe?

If you live in Europe, there may be a nicotine-free cigarette coming to a tobacconist near you:

"The virtually nicotine-free GOLD MAGIC brand contains approximately 97% less nicotine than typical ‘light’ cigarettes, yet GOLD MAGIC cigarettes look, smoke, and taste like conventional cigarettes.”

Personally, the idea of a nicotine-free cigarette has about as much allure as an alcohol-free glass of wine. Additionally, it almost seems like a bad idea, especially if we are to take into account all of those studies that have been telling us for years that compensation (ie., via low tar/low nic cigarettes) for nicotine via smoking equates to more risk.

What's interesting however, is that with the development of HnB products lingering on the horizon, the issue of compensation may very well become relegated to the past. Just as many vapers report switching or "downgrading" to lower or no-nicotine e-cigarettes, I can see the same thing being true for some users of HnB products. The fact is that different times of day often require different levels of nicotine, depending on the person. As former smoker who has switched over entirely to vaping tobacco via the Ploom modelTwo and the PAX, I'd be open to a low-nicotine vape once in a while, especially at the very end of the day.

It is likely that I will always always  prefer nicotine in my tobacco vapor, but it would be nice to have the option of choosing between varied nicotine HnB tobacco products and vaporizers. E-cigarette users have this option, why not HmB?

 22nd Century Group Signs Letter of Intent With European Factory For Production of Nicotine-Free Tobacco Cigarettes in Europe | Business Wire

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