Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Just Tell Them That It's Pot

If you're ever in San Francisco and someone tries to hassle you for vaping on your e-cigarette or tobacco vaporizer................

..........Drum roll please:

Just tell them that it's pot. Problem solved.

San Francisco lawmakers are taking care to protect the rights of cannabis consumers, so much so that new regulations cracking down on the use of e-cigarettes -- the portable vaporizers that provide a smokeless nicotine fix on the go -- are written as to specifically not crack down on the use of vapor pens, the virtually-identical mechanisms used for smokeless marijuana consumption.

E-cig ban? Vapor ban? What ban?

Will San Francisco's E-Cigarette Ban Extend To Marijuana Vaporizers?


  1. #freerobertduncan (twitter feed) Robert Duncan begins a two year prison sentence for working in a Medical Marjuana factory in California. Once again injustice prevails!

    1. I just heard about that after I posted this. From what I understand, he did everything to follow the letter of the (California) law. Obama and Holder said that they were going to leave these folks alone. That's not what's happening.

      My post above btw, was not to denigrate anyone's lifestyle choice, whether it's for medicinal reasons or otherwise.

  2. Tobacco shaming/pot acceptance. Californians are not as free-wheeling, tolerant, and accepting as they've been made out to be. While I most certainly accept the choice of those to vape--whatever they want to vape; here in Los Angeles, me and my cigar still terrify. Perhaps I'll tell the next agape onlooker that it is "a blunt".

    1. I know how you feel. I lived in L.A. for 11 years. I once had a guy scream (..startled the hell out of me) at me from 40+ ft away (outside) when he saw me light up a cigarette on a patio of a local restaurant that I used to frequent. he and his friends/family were LEAVING the restaurant. I also had a "security guard" at a well known music venue threaten to move me by physical force merely because I asked him why I could not have a smoke (outside) where I had been doing for years. I hadn't even lit up my smoke yet...All I did was ask the dirtbag a question about smoking. Trust me, I know how you feel.

      Now the same thing is happening to vapers...