Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Pot Smokers Get a Taste of Anti-Smoker Madness

DENVER - Despite opposition from marijuana advocates, Denver's City Council voted initial approval Monday night of an ordinance prohibiting people from using pot in a private yard or on a balcony, if the user can be seen from the street or sidewalk.

But, but....pot is a legal substance in the state of Colorado, right? However do they get away with enacting such silly laws? I mean, banning tobacco use from public sight (and well, basically everywhere) is one thing (ie., acceptable), but pot? Noooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo.. Pot=good. Tobacco=bad.

With this line of thinking, it's no wonder that many in the pro-pot legalization camp did not see this coming. The old saying is true: United we stand, divided we fall.

Because of our own  collective ignorance, the zealots are winning.

Here is a comment that was made by one proponent of the ban. To many of us tobacco users, the sentiment will sound familiar:

..a parent argued that allowing residents to smoke pot in their front yards "undermines our conversations with our children by making it appear OK."

Sound familiar? Ah, the old "it's for the children" argument.

Not too long ago, I predicted that this would happen in Colorado. In fact, I also suspect that many of the outdoor smoking bans that have been put into place around the country serve not only to demonize tobacco smokers, but also to act as a de facto (and preemptive) strike against the growing popularity of marijuana legalization. Oh, but we knew that already, now didn't we?

We tobacco users know a thing or two about the tactics of the anti-/tobacco/enjoyment/freedom lobby. Maybe the pot folks could learn a thing or two from us about who the real enemy is.

7NEWS - Denver council takes 1st step toward banning marijuana smoking in public view on private property - Local Story

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