Thursday, October 3, 2013

A Partnership Made In Harm Reduction Heaven

There has been a lot of talk about harm reduction in the world of tobacco these days, and for good reason. A once (largely) ignored subject, it is now an idea whose time has come.

There are at least two companies at the forefront of the tobacco revolution: one is a burgeoning harm reduction company that holds the patents and the technology to alter the level of nicotine and other nicotinic alkaloids,  the other is a household name in much of the developed world that carries with its brand a solid reputation for thinking outside of the box and covering all of its grounds when it comes to attempting to reduce the harms associated with tobacco use.

The collaborative effort that is about to take place between these two pacesetters of THR  is sure to benefit millions of smokers worlwide:

British American Tobacco Licenses 22nd Century Group Technology

CLARENCE, N.Y.--()--22nd Century Group, Inc. (OTCQB:XXII) today announced that its subsidiary, 22nd Century Limited, LLC, and British American Tobacco (Investments) Limited, a subsidiary of British American Tobacco plc (LSE:BATS; NYSE MKT: BTI), have signed a worldwide research license agreement (the “Agreement”) granting BAT access to 22nd Century’s patented technology which alters levels of nicotinic alkaloids in tobacco plants.

As I see it, this is a pretty big deal, and not just for the two companies involved. There are so many variables and possibilities that could result from this partnership. From the nascent world of e-cigarettes and tobacco vaporizers to the established market of smokeless tobacco and combustible cigarettes, all of these industries, whether independent or combined in aggregate, stand to benefit from the advances that are likely to take place as a result of this partnership.

The biggest winners of all will be the smokers and vapers of the world whose very lives depend on the very research that is about to take place as a result of this coming together of the minds. The more that they learn,discover, and develop, the more that we will all benefit.


  1. Right you are Jredheadgirl. The biggest threat to the TC extremist livelihood is the Harm Reduction innovations in response to consumer demand.
    In the vein of bad news/good news, I was sadden by the news Star was dropping the BDL dissolvable tobacco lozenges, Ariva & Stonewall last year:
    but today comes news that former forward-thinking employees have now taken control:
    and decided market a good idea that will set off the alarm bells in halls of the tobacco control freaks.

    1. Thanks for the links!

      Here are some snippets (for the readers here) from the links that you have provided:

      "Star Scientific Inc. said Monday it is getting out of the smokeless tobacco business, discouraged by the regulatory environment for its Ariva and Stonewall Hard products."

      "The board said restrictions under the Family Smoking Prevention and Tobacco Control Act, which went into effect in 2009, have prohibited the company from making statements about the comparative safety of various types of tobacco products."

      "The board said the regulatory act has “made it extremely difficult to effectively market our dissolvable tobacco products, notwithstanding that they represent a less hazardous alternative to cigarettes and to traditional smokeless tobacco products.”"

      No surprise there. Like you said, harm reduction is a threat to the status quo.

      ...and this really catches my attention, as I have recently been reading up on the benefits of nicotine and its relative alkaloids as a result of reading up on the various patented technologies held by a company called 22nd Century, one of which is the ability to modify (ie., raise or lower) the levels of not only nicotine, but that of anabatine as well.

      "The board said being in the dissolvable tobacco business has had “a negative impact on our ability to interest leading scientific and medical research centers in undertaking clinical research related to our anatabine compound in managing excessive inflammation.”"

      This is a shame, for Star Scientific seems like quite a progressive company. I have been interested in learning more about their patented process to remove tobacco specific nitrosamines. Maybe they can join forces with other forward thinking companies like 22nd Century and BAT.

      Ah, but I've gotten ahead of myself, as it appears that they are already on that path:

      "Star said it would try to find licensing opportunities for its dissolvable tobacco products and technology, including Ariva BDL and Stonewall BDL modified risk tobacco products and the StarCured tobacco-curing process."


      "Star tried for more than 10 years to extract patent royalties from Reynolds related to a way to reduce carcinogens in cigarettes."

      Not to get off topic, but I have been scratching my head at this dilemma for some time now. I don't know the whole story on the bickering/licensing between these two companies, but hopefully they've come to a resolution.

    2. ..and from the second link:

      "The company’s CEO, Jonnie Williams Sr., is at the heart of a political scandal involving gifts to Gov. Bob McDonnell."

      What's that all about?

  2. The scandal? Well, from what little I've seen in the online press it seems to be between the CEO, the Governor, and usual campaign cash farce:
    but todays announcement appears to signal the splitting off/ separating from the legal woes of Williams. Leaving the new entity, Starion free to market/manufacture a product that was in existence prior to that stupid Family protection law in 2009: