Tuesday, August 6, 2013

BAT Gives A Glimpse of What's to Come

The times they are a changin', for the tobacco company of yesterday is fast becoming the tobacco company of the future.

Like many a tobacco company the world over, BAT is setting its sights (in part) on the nascent and burgeoning e-cigarette market:

Having launched its Vype e-cigarette in the UK just last week..

But, that's not all:

BAT Industries (LON:BATS)is poised to seize the lead in NexGen nicotine products, according to US broker Citigroup.

Citigroup expects Vype to do well in the existing, unregulated e-cig market, but it is with the next range of products that it sees BAT really putting some distance between itself and rivals.
The broker expects BAT to launch two new products with medical licences over the next two years and these licences will be key in the future as Citigroup expects unlicensed products to be banned from 2016.

Interesting..I wonder if either of these products will be the end result of a new and cutting-edge nicotine delivery system that promises to provide the smoker (err...vaper) with a nicotine "fix" not unlike that of a combustible cigarette, all while purporting to be less harsh on the throat as compared to other cigarette substitutes. For those of us who find the e-cigarette to be either harsh on the throat or unsatisfying (or both), this new technology sounds promising.

..But BAT is not stopping there, for they seem to recognize that to truly be successful in the world of harm reduction, the tobacco industry is going to have to take a multifaceted approach that encapsulates realism and effectiveness together with consumer acceptability; it appears as if that's exactly what they are doing:

BAT is also upping its innovation on conventional cigarettes including capsules that convert light-tasting cigarettes to stronger flavours and hi-tech filters.

If they can manage this feat alone, I predict that millions of smokers would make the switch to a near-tar free cigarette without feeling like they have "given up" anything. In this scenario, the issue of over-compensation would become largely irrelevant, would it not?

I wonder what would happen if BAT were to use 22nd Century's patented MPO nicotine biosynthesis technology in conjunction with its next to no tar, but full-flavored cigarette..... The possibilities are endless. It's good to see innovation taking place, for the future appears a bit brighter from this vantage point.

Broker round-up: BATS to smoke e-cig rivals suggests Citigroup


  1. This is not an endorsement or advertisement for any product. This is to show that there are certainly new product ideas being tested, beside traditional tobacco combustibles and e-cig glycerine and poly-glycol vaporizers.

    Take for example, the following:


    This is a brand new start-up venture capital tobacco company, funded by one of the largest tobacco companies in the world, Japan Tobacco. It is founded by two Stanford graduates, one a smoker, one an anti-smoker. And it is headquartered in the anti-smoking capital of the world - San Francisco, California, USA.


    Their building headquarters is in San Francisco's Portrero Hill District, perhaps one half mile at most, walking distance to UCSF's significantly huge and expensive satellite research campus at Mission Bay District.

    Ohhhhh, won't Stanton Glantz be furious!

    And, the two founders are both graduates from Sanford University, Palo Alto, California, USA, another major outdoor smoke-banned city.

    Ohhhhh, won't Robert Proctor be furious!

    The new product line uses 100% pure high quality fine tobacco which is purchased in pods that fit within the devices also developed and sold by this major tobacco company headquartered in San Francisco.

    Unlike a conventional cigarette, cigar or pipe, the 100% pure tobacco is not burned, there is no combustion what-so-ever.

    But similar to an e-cig, which uses artificial ingredients to heat and produce a vapor, this new company's product heats and then vaporizes the rich pure tobacco itself, for a much stronger zestier taste, but without any smoke or tell-tale aroma - important when you're headquartered within walking distance to one of UCSF's anti-smoking hate centers.

    Something like this new product may be part of the line-up of new products going into the future also, in addition to e-cigs, conventional and other devices still yet to be invented.

  2. I think that it's a great idea. I did try the Ploom Model 1 and found it to be too harsh. I assume that model #2 is an improvement over model #1. We'll see.. Have you tried the latest model?

    Oh, and as for being located in California...The state legislature is trying to ban e-cigarettes and vaporizers. A bill has already passed the senate. Unbelievable, huh? Obviously, anti-smoking has morphed into something that has absolutely nothing to do with health. When are Californians going to start fighting back against this nonsense?


  3. " ......The state legislature is trying to ban e-cigarettes and vaporizers...."

    I read this week that bill finally died, was pulled, amended or never passed the California ASSembly.

    However, I read that it was not the e-cig supporters or lobby groups that caused it to be withdrawn. Had it only been them, then the CA legislature would have stupidly gone alone with it.

    But, because CA has had a double-standard for a long time now between marijuana smokers versus tobacco smokers, it was because the marijuana smokers lobby groups petitioned the legislature to not ban e-cigs, saying they can be used to enjoy marijuana, that the e-cig ban was pulled.

    That is what I read and since that was CA and marijuana is for all practical purposes nearly 100% legal, while tobacco is for nearly all usages practically illegal - then it was the marijuana users the only people who were listened to.

    I.e., they did not listen to smokers. They did not listen to vapers. That is how prejudiced, biased, hateful and narrow the CA government in Sacramento, under a single political party, a progressive-communist one, is these days.

    1. Thanks for taking the time to leave a comment here. I do believe, however, that you have commented on the wrong thread:-)

    2. "it was because the marijuana smokers lobby groups petitioned the legislature to not ban e-cigs,"

      I always had the inner sense that we would (eventually) become allies. The medical marijuana lobby captured the ears of the legislature because they made sure that they were heard. In other words, they didn't back down so easily. Many politicians would have (most likely) been elected out of office if this would have passed, hence the withdrawal of the bill. The marijuana lobby took action. We should take notes:-)