Sunday, July 21, 2013

No, it's not about the money...really...

More madness out of California, though I doubt that anyone reading this would be surprised. Long ago, the anti-smoking lobby morphed into an industry that became reliant on "sin"taxes, job stability, and vitriolic Voodoo. It may have been about health at one time, but clearly that time has ceased to exist.

SACRAMENTO, CA – The California Assembly is considering a bill that would ban the use of e-cigarettes and similar smokeless vaporizers in areas where tobacco smoking is banned.

There is no evidence that vaporizers pose an appreciable second-hand smoking risk to the public. Users are known to vaporize in elevators and crowded rooms without any detectable odor or adverse notice. Bystanders are routinely exposed to worse emissions from kitchens, grills, garden plants, buses, chimneys, detergents, room deodorizers, gas stations, etc.

Sound familiar?

I hate to say it, but I knew that it wouldn't be long before they came after the pot vapers. Vaporizers, as is harm reduction in general, are a threat to many a salaried interest. First, it was about the 2nd hand smoke (for which no increased risk for mortality was found), but when the near smokeless Eclipse cigarette was developed, anti did everything within his/her power to bury its existence. Now it's about e-cigarettes.....and vaporizers. Oh, the horror! Tobacco users might switch over to vaporizers once someone gets the technology/design right! Millions of people could go on enjoying their lives whilst incurring the benefit of improved health. No, we can't have that, now can we?

Vaporizers are designed to eliminate the respiratory hazards of smoking by eliminating the combustion that produces the smoke.


California E-Cigarette Bill Would Restrict Use of Medical Marijuana Vaporizers

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