Saturday, June 1, 2013

Selenium Reduces Lung Cancer Risk In Smokers?

This is interesting:

Research suggests that selenium can protect humans against
cancer of the lung, ovaries, breast, colon, liver, cervix, skin, stomach and uterus.

..and even more interesting:

Selenium also counteracts many of the toxic effects of smoking tobacco. Smoking depletes the body's selenium supplies. In the liver this mineral retards the conversion of hydrocarbons into carcinogens — an important function in our polluted environment. 

The good news is that selenium is not an expensive supplement (side note : exercise caution when supplementing with selenium: 400 mcg is normally the limit before it becomes toxic.).

This is certainly an interesting subject that I plan on reading up on further.

Happy Saturday!

Selenium: The Immune System Mineral


  1. I'd like to believe that it may help a lot but it doesn't necessarily mean that it may help a lot of smokers to be at risk of lung cancer. But thank you for this study, really appreciate this. Keep blogging!

  2. It does help! But, selenium supplements DO NOT help you quit smoking... There was a study done on this.

    1. Lol...There was no mention or mention of selenium being a quit smoking aid:-)