Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Anti Targets The Freedom of Speech...Of Individuals!

Thanks to Audrey Silk for posting this on Facebook via NYC CLASH-

Judging from the current (and past) trajectory of all things tobacco control, the next logical step in the war against smoking and smokers would have to encompass something a bit more extreme (of course), like say, a war on free speech itself:

According to The Province, Michael Chesney, owner and publisher of the Comment Canada magazine received a letter from the Interior Health Authority threatening fines of $575 if he didn't cease and desist displaying the tobacco plants within 48 hours.

To further complicate matters, it seems that there was some confusion over whether tobacco plants themselves were the problem, or whether the real issue was a handwritten sign saying "Tobacco For President" that accompanied them..

This makes me want to go out and get my own t-shirt that says "Tobacco for President".

Tobacco Plants Pulled From Window Boxes, Under Threat of Fines : TreeHugger


  1. Sillier and sillier. But the exaggerations and propaganda are certain to produce these anomalies. Odd, however, that the people being affected seem to be vaguely intelligent.
    I think that there is a word for it..... Erm..... obsession with detail..... No, it is a phrase - "OBSESSIVE COMPULSIVE DISORDER"

    1. You could be right, but I tend to think that it's more about an addiction to power.