Tuesday, May 28, 2013

The towns where people live the longest

 ..an interesting read:

For many of those living in Loma Lindo long life is a matter of faith. A significant number of people in the town are Seventh Day Adventist, a religion whose members live between five and 10 years longer than fellow citizens.

This can be partly explained by the fact Adventists don't drink or smoke and many stick to a vegetarian diet the church advises. But not all members do and even they live significantly longer than average.

So, longevity can not be inextricably linked to lifestyle choices alone, especially when those choices are exercised in moderation. This makes one wonder: if an early death cannot be pinned solely on what an individual decides to put into his or her body, then what other constituent could we possibly have to blame?

It seems that regular churchgoers have significantly lower levels of stress hormones and so may be better equipped to cope with the challenges in life, say scientists.

"Therefore your body can stay in balance and not be destroyed by those stressors and traumas over time."

 Ah, stress. Of course.

Translation: Spend more time around the people you enjoy sharing space and time with and less time around toxic people who stress you out. You might live longer, even if you smoke.

BBC NEWS | UK | Magazine | The towns where people live the longest


  1. And Japanese men live longer than most and smoke like chimneys.......

    1. Indeed Junican. The antis can't ignore the Japanese Lung Cancer Paradox:


      "The answer is most likely a combination of reasons that include:

      Lower alcohol consumption by Japanese males
      Lower fat intake by Japanese males
      Higher efficiency of filters in Japanese cigarettes
      Lower levels of carcinogens in Japanese cigarettes
      Genetic factors...
      Earlier age of smoking onset in American men
      Lifestyle factors other than smoking..."

      As for alcohol intake, I assume that they mean alcohol in moderation...and for fats, although they didn't specify, I assume that they mean "bad" fats, as the Japanese eat lots of fish that tend to be loaded with the good fats (like omega 3s).

      This is what grabs me the most:

      "Higher efficiency of filters in Japanese cigarettes
      Lower levels of carcinogens in Japanese cigarettes
      Genetic factors... "

      Ah Ha!!!!!!! There is and CAN be such a thing as a safe(er) cigarette. There is no reason why the whole world shouldn't have access to such cigarettes! We smokers certainly have the right to know that they exist. Millions of lives could be spared as a result. Prohibition, de facto or real, sucks!