Sunday, March 17, 2013

..Some politicallly incorrect news from a politically incorrect doctor

A new study on mice shows that nicotine — yes THAT nicotine — can help grow the new blood vessels needed to relieve all those conditions and more by stimulating the release of critical adult stem cells.

I wonder why this hasn't been reported on the nightly news.........

Nicotine grows new blood cellsDouglass Report - Official Site


  1. Hello again, J! Been having a break?

    Maybe you should have mentioned what 'these conditions' are. The text says 'the repair of wounds' and 'pain' - being situations where an increased blood supply is beneficial.

    The fact that this beneficial effect of the enjoyment of tobacco is deliberately hidden speaks volumes about the arrogance and tyrannical nature of Tobacco Control.

  2. Hyea Juliette! Welcome back indeed! And all hail political incorrectness!!


  3. Junican,

    Maybe you should have mentioned what 'these conditions' are."

    Fair enough...Here is the preceding sentence/paragraph:

    "Have a wound that won’t heal? Pain that won’t go away? Want to get some blood flowing to the parts of the body that need it most?"

    "Been having a break? "

    Not so much of a break per se, just a break from blogging. I've had quite a bit on my plate, ya know:-)

    1. Hey, it's ALWAYS good to have a life outside o' bloggin'!