Thursday, March 21, 2013

Cell Therapy Holds Promise For The Future

This is some pretty amazing stuff! Perhaps someday cell therapy can be utilized in the battle against cancer in all of its forms.

The treatment uses patients’ own T-cells, a type of white blood cell that normally fights viruses and cancer. The patient’s blood is run through a machine that extracts T-cells and returns the rest of the blood to the body. Researchers then do some genetic engineering: they use a disabled virus as a “vector” to carry new genetic material into the T cells, which reprograms them to recognize and kill any cell that carries a particular protein on its surface.

Cell Therapy Promising for Acute Type of Leukemia -


  1. I hope that the treatment stands the test of time, J. How many times have we seen 'breakthroughs' reported in newspapers, only for them to disappear without trace?

  2. I hope that it stands the test of time too Junican. One has to wonder how many treatments (and potential treatments of the future) disappear for lack of research funding...or as a result of being bought out by competing interests with the potential to bury the research....