Thursday, December 6, 2012

A Place to Avoid

Many of us may want to scratch Boulder, Co. off of our places to go list, for the Boulder City Council has voted unanimously to ban outdoor smoking on the Pearl Street Mall:

Molly Winter, downtown and University Hill management division director, said the city will allow for a transition before police officers start writing tickets, which could carry fines of up to $500 for the first two offenses within two years.

A third offense in two years could result in a fine of up to $1,000 and up to 90 days in jail.

Now how utterly "progressive"! Boulder is in a state that just legalized recreational marijuana. .

Several people spoke in opposition to the ban at the meeting Tuesday night.

Ah, Democracy Schmocracy...who needs it when we have health advisory bureaucrats and lobbyists? They are, after all, the all knowing and sole arbiters of what's good for everyone; hence, why do we even need elected officials anymore when we have the Neo Do-Gooders of (Counter) Do Gooderism to guide our officials on how to vote?  Such measures are not draconian; they are necessary for the "health" of the state after all.

"It's easy to imagine someone's vacation being ruined by a $500 fine and going home and telling people, 'Don't go to Boulder,'"....

Gee, you think? I guess they're just assuming that they'll make up for the loss in tourism dollars by investing in pot tourism; but that's assuming that there will be no tobacco smokers amongst the marijuana enthusiasts. In trying to understand the utter insanity of this measure, it dawns on me that maybe this is merely a reaction to keep all smokers away, now that there is yet one more smoking demographic to deal with out in the open.

One thing is for certain: this has nothing to do with health.

Boulder Bans Smoking On Pearl Street Mall


  1. A year in jail for smoking on the street eh? I guess that's one way to keep the homeless and their undesirable ilk off the streets where the yuppies don't want to be reminded of the dirty end of their stick. Obviously if someone has no ID and it's their third offense they'll have to be put up at the local hoosegow. How big are the jails in Boulder? Are they the nice ones with menu selections, weight rooms, and color TVs?

    - MJM

    1. "A year in jail for smoking on the street eh?"

      No, not a year..."A third offense in two years could result in a fine of up to $1,000 and up to 90 days in jail."

      The possibility of ANY time in jail or ANY fine for smoking outside is quite obviously preposterous. Tobacco (speaking to the choir, I know) is legal and taxed to extortionate levels. How many streets have been paved and how many programs have been funded with smokers' money in the state of Colorado I wonder...

      " ..guess that's one way to keep the homeless and their undesirable ilk off the streets.."

      Yep. So much for peace, love, and understanding.

  2. This is what happens when you ban smoking...push smokers outside. Then the very same people that didn't want you to smoke outside complain because they can't sit outside anymore.

    1. Tony,

      That does happen, but I feel that it is quite rare. Most people are reasonable. These people (the city council members) are trying to create a world of unicorns and fairies, and in order to do that, they are going to have to get rid of all of the "undesirables". This is about hate and intolerance. We're dealing with Neo-Puritans here..

      You do make a point though: If they don't want to "see" us, they should have left us alone in the first place.

  3. I visited Boulder back in 1982. Not much to see. Couldn't see what the fuss was about. No desire to ever go back there. Glad I ticked the USA off my list back then, when it was still a great country. Even got to work there for a year, so met some ordinary people.

    1. Jonathan,

      I was there with my significant other a few years back. It is quite a pretty place, but unfortunately now a hostile one. This is still a great country, we have just gotten off track a bit. I'm assuming that you're from the U.K? What part?