Friday, September 28, 2012

PMI to make flu-vaccine from tobacco

Philip Morris International obtained a license from a Canadian company to manufacture a flu-vaccine derived from tobacco for eventual sale in the Chinese market, the Financial Post reported.

We human beings are capable of some truly amazing things when we are left to explore all avenues and possibilities unfettered. Who would have ever thought that there would be a flu-vaccine derived from the "evil" tobacco plant?  This is truly fascinating. Scientists are the true rock stars that will eventually set us all (ok, most of us) free from the Neo Bishops of (Counter) Do Gooderism.

I only wish that the quote above included the words "for eventual sale in all Western markets".

Politics get in the way of progress.

PMI to make flu-vaccine from tobacco

Here is the link to the Financial Post article:

Tobacco Giant Philip Morris plans plant flu vaccine for China 

“We now have a foothold in China with a very large Fortune-100 company at our side,” he said. “This is not small.”

Oh, but not everyone is happy about this new development:

The flu-vaccine deal, coming four years after Philip Morris first invested in Medicago, raised eyebrows in the Canadian anti-smoking movement Tuesday.

Even if the product is one that aims to protect people’s health, partnering with the world’s second-biggest tobacco manufacturer puts Medicago in danger of being a public-relations pawn, said Neil Collishaw of Physicians for a Smoke-Free Canada.

So..."Even if the product aims to protect people's health", we should invoke our disdain towards progress because we don't "like" who is responsible for the said progress in this particular case? Public health be damned. Prejudice has trumped common sense. This is precisely the same stance that the anti-tobacco establishment takes  (and has done so for the last 40 years) when confronted with the very progressive and pragmatic idea who's time has come: Tobacco Harm Reduction. Does anyone really care what these bureaucratic schmucks say anymore?

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