Sunday, July 15, 2012

F.D.A. Spies On Its Own Scientists

The intercepted e-mails revealed, for instance, that a few of the scientists under surveillance were drafting a complaint in 2010 that they planned to take to the Office of Special Counsel. A short time later, before the complaint was filed, Dr. Smith and another complaining scientist were let go and a third was suspended.
In another case, the intercepted e-mails indicated that Paul T. Hardy, another of the dissident employees, had reapplied for an F.D.A. job “and is being considered for a position.” (He did not get it.) 

 ..Pretty shocking stuff...err, not.

This is a great piece of journalism. Read on:

F.D.A. Surveillance of Scientists Spread to Outside Critics -


  1. Excellent find Jredheadgirl! found a Brit article that referenced the NYT one. Just couldn't wait to post it here:
    Can't but think the FDA is going down the tubes almost eerily like it did in the mediocre sleeper movie, Idiocracy:
    in that, : "a sports drink company simply BUYS the FDA and replaced the entire Food Guide Pyramid with sports drink ads."

  2. "Can't but think the FDA is going down the tubes.."

    What an understatement.

    I'm going to have to check out Idiocracy on Netflicks"-)