Friday, June 15, 2012

Bloomberg: It's our job to improve your health | Times 247

 ..A message from Little Napoleon himself:

Bloomberg: It's our job to improve your health | Times 247

How did this man ever get elected?


  1. Because:

    He changed the 2 term rule.

    Then coughed up $100m of his own dosh to "win" a 3rd term.

    He's mad keen to live at least as long as his Mummy (she hit 90 something). His Daddy was normal life span.

    With naff all of consequence achieved as Mayor of NYC, he wants to be remembered for this health rubbish.

    No chance of a 4th term, so we'll have to put up with his Scorched Earth Policy, because he simply doesn't give a damn now.

    Smoking Scot

  2. Smoking Scot,

    It must be nice to have $100m to throw around... If he wants to try to live well into his 90s, that's his prerogative, I don't really care. The fact of the matter is that no one really knows how long they're going to live, and no politician or bureaucrat has the right to force others into his tunnel vision plan of immortality for all.

    Sure, I'd like to live well into my 90s. I would also like to see all of my family and friends push the boundaries of current life expectancy rates; I believe that it can be done, but only in a free society that's open to all scientific methods, free of coercion.

    In order to attain true progress ( my opinion) , we are going to have to see a return to individual freedoms. Health despotism (and prohibition) just prolongs the time that it takes to find real solutions to the very real problems that we face (ie., like reduced risk tobacco products and cancer research for smokers, for example).

    Most people want to be healthy, on their own terms. When people are free and informed well enough to make their own decisions, they will often make the right choices based on their own individual needs, which (if left unfettered) can only serve to benefit science, freedom, and the economy. Bloomberg quite simply does not understand the concepts of true progress.

    Nevermind that some smokers live well into their 90s and some non-smokers die young. He (a former HEAVY smoker) does not (preaching to the choir..I know) have the right to dictate to the rest of us. What a hypocrite. As a former (heavy smoker) smoker, he has demonstrated that he has an addictive personality, for he has traded in a heavy smoking habit for an addiction to dictatorial policies that should never be acceptable in a free society.