Monday, December 27, 2010

Trying to Estimate Cancer Rates in Ancient Times -

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"As scientists continue to investigate, there may be comfort in knowing that cancer is not entirely civilization’s fault. In the normal course of life a creature’s cells must be constantly dividing — millions of times a second. Sometimes something will go wrong."

Point well taken...This statement is rather telling...and it appears to be in contrast to the current onslaught that we are currently treated to, courtesy of the "progressive" healthist agenda that we are bombarded with on a daily basis. To the do-gooders of today I'd like to say that I, of course, would also like to live longer, feel better, and look younger for longer; these are all great ideas that I personally would like to aspire to; however, I would also like to enjoy myself while I happen to occupy space on this planet. Perhaps the moral of the story below is that we should take a different approach to life extension, rather than that of the neo-prohibitionist agenda. We should instead focus on an agenda that values freedom of choice and the free market. I have faith in the great intellect of the human mind when it comes to solving problems and issues of health, when it is free and unfettered of course.

So, when is that safer cigarette going to arrive again? Something tells me that the Chinese might beat us to it.

Prohibition thwarts progress.

As the article emphasizes below, we now live longer now than ever before, even though cancer has been around since pre-historic times. We've figured out a way to increase the lifespan, now let's figure out a way to cure cancer while preserving the idea of our Democratic Republic.

Trying to Estimate Cancer Rates in Ancient Times -

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