Friday, December 31, 2010

Some Mich. bars to allow smoking New Year's Eve -

Thanks to Find4more for posting this at Smoker's Club-

Oh, how I would like to be at one of these establishments tonight! ..If I weren't in California....

Some Mich. bars to allow smoking New Year's Eve -

The Protect Private Property Rights in Michigan Movement has started a Facebook page. Check it out and show your support for private property rights. There are also some interesting comments over there that are very telling about the antics of the antis, like the one bar owner who has received phone calls from "non-smokers" that want to make a reservation for this evening at her bar. A reservation at a bar? One caller mentioned that they even wanted to bring their child to the bar! Oh, the bar owner goes on to tell readers something like this: "Thing is, we have caller ID, and these phone calls are coming from as far away as Maryland!" Hmmmmmmm.....The paid antis are out in full force to try to put a stop to this. To them I say, go get a life and stay out of ours.

Happy New Year!

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