Sunday, October 10, 2010

Scottish Government Defies Public Opinion

Thanks to Eddie Douthwaite for this update. Not much needs to be said on my part, other than the fact that common sense and decency would (in normal situations, in dealing with folks who have a pragmatic and humanitarian slant towards problem solving) seem to imply that a more humane solution could, and should, be reached when it comes to folks who don't have much else to look forward to at the end of the day other than a relaxing smoke. But, hey, who am I, just a singer in a rock band who despises the no compromise approach of the anti-smoking movement?

Oh, how I wish that we could all just be a little bit nicer to one another. ...Guess that in addition to being a singer in a rock band, I also have a bit of old-school (even though I wasn't alive yet) hippie in me as well... Whatever happened to peace and love anyway?

Scottish Government Defies Public Opinion

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