Monday, October 4, 2010

Licensees Favour Smoking Ban Reform

Licensees Favour Smoking Ban Reform

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE PR Log (Press Release) – Oct 02, 2010 –

The nationwide survey of 570 pubs (approximately 1% of those remaining) showed only 8% in favour of a total ban on smoking indoors, with 72% proposing smoking and non-smoking rooms. This concurs with a previous survey of working men’s clubs, which showed a massive 98% in favour of separate rooms for smokers.

This confirms what many of us have known all along. Most people are not rabid anti-smokers. Most people favor choice over blanket bans on smoking in privately owned establishments.

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  1. Silence from the Mainstream Media in the UK on this Press Release, if it was an Anti-Smoking study on Fourth Hand Smoke being responsible for the extinction of life on Mars it would be headline news and they would believe it.