Saturday, September 4, 2010

A Short Rant From My Hometown Chicago...

...Last night (I'm home in Chicago) my guitarist and I went to see our old drummer play with his new band. I went outside to have a smoke on the sidewalk and the doorman came out and told me that I had to move. I was outside on a city SIDEWALK, with no one else around me but one other guy who seemed kind of creepy. So this guy (the doorman..not really a man in my book) would rather have me stand away from the window (where I can be seen by the other patrons) in a dark corner somewhere (by MYSELF) in one of the most dangerous cities in the country just for the purpose of following an ordinance that really needs to be broken. He'd rather risk something happening to me (rape, mugging, etc..) than let me smoke out in front of the place.

That was it. I yelled back at him and told him to call the police. He didn't. I did not spend one $$$$$$$ in the place and as soon as my friend's band hit their last chord we were out of there with the intention of NEVER coming back.

What happened to this country?

Rant over..

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