Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Anti-Tobacco's Latest Message of Hate

Driving home from band rehearsal last week I came across this poster on the east side of Laurel Canyon Boulevard. This is not the first time that I have encountered such "advertisements". Once, not too long ago, I came across the very same message, although that time, unlike this time, it encompassed an entire side of a building in the trendy Melrose/Fairfax neighborhood.

It has become apparent that anti-smoking is no longer content with merely protecting the health of non-smokers. What they want now is a smoke(er) free world, and it is evident that they are quite willing to stoop to the lowest of common denominators in order to achieve their objective. To encourage this type of outright hatred towards smokers is not only despicable, but it is unacceptable. The irony has not been lost on me that this is occurring in "liberal" Los Angeles, a place that is supposed to be forward thinking. Would this be an acceptable message if it were to be aimed at any other group? I think not.


  1. Smokers are morons? I suppose the antis were just born stoopid.
    Guess who's going to have the last laugh.

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  3. What's really dumb is thinking that you can force people into a way of life that they are not accustomed to. When you force people to live by your means, you (er, I mean "them") just create a resistance. There is nothing wrong with attempting to live "healthy", but force will never be the answer for achieving such an objective. Free will and choice always comes first. Anyone who believes otherwise is the true moron, as you have stated Lawson.