Tuesday, April 7, 2015

City Of New Orleans Urges Citizens To Spy On One Another

You can't make this stuff up.

This is not satire. This is real:

The city encourages people filing complaints to include date- and time-stamped photographs documenting illegal smoking.

...and of course, this would include taking unwarranted photographs of vapers like myself..

What country is this again?

Have we fallen victim to a bad dream that just won't let us wake? No, says the bold-faced and brutal reality that thrusts itself upon what has fast become a definitive and waking moment:

There is nothing healthy about the trajectory of 21st century anti-smoking and anti-vaping fanaticism. In fact, it is fast becoming clear that it is incompatible with democracy itself. Don't believe me? Then just read the attached article below for proof of my accusation.

Democracy and health are synonymous entities. This is not a zero sum game, for neither can survive without the other. Both are suffering as a result.

How to report illegal smokers in New Orleans? City offers primer ahead of ban


  1. Every effort needs to be taken to develop the political support to repeal this smoking ban! Both smoking and non-smoking options should be available indoors and out.

    The antismokers on the City Council need to be recalled.

    Repeal the smoking ban.

    1. ..as so should be with the vaping ban. The whole thing needs to be repealed.

  2. The battle to reverse the NOLA smoking and vaping ban is just beginning!

    Today’s Gambit contains a piece on a lawsuit against the ban: “Harrah’s and French Quarter bars sue the City of New Orleans in smoking ban dispute,” http://www.bestofneworleans.com/blogofneworleans/archives/2015/04/17/harrahs-and-french-quarter-bars-sue-the-city-of-new-orleans-in-smoking-ban-dispute . The lawsuit is being pursued by Harrah’s and 50 separate bars.

    So much for the tobacco control claim that everyone supports the ban. This legal action should be augmented by political action! Any and all support to reverse this smoking ban is encouraged. REPEAL THE SMOKING & VAPING BAN!

    Vinny Gracchus

    1. Thank you so very much for the update Vinny!

      They (the ANTZ) always state that there is wide support for bans, but the truth is that if that were in fact true there would be no need for blanket bans in the first place.

      Of course bans are bad for business and the economy, especially in aggregate terms overall. I am happy to hear that there is some real opposition forming.

  3. Hey! Juliette, you just gave me a GREAT idea! Promote the concept of all of NOLA's smokers taking multiple "Selfies" of themselves smoking and sending them to that hotline thing! They can either do it in true Ghandian CD fashion, or they can simply play with the Antis' brains by arranging their shots so they LOOK like they're in violation, but on close examination find that there's no way of actually telling due to perspective etc.

    Another good approach is to call up the hotline or police numbers assigned to the ban and leave lengthy and detailed messages on their recording machines about how "I'm here on Bourbon Street right now, and I see a man in a black raincoat who has long hair and some sort of tattoos and smells like rainbows, and I'm pretty sure he was SMOKING in the bar he just walked out of! I'm not sure if he's in violation, but he's roughly 5 feet, 9 inches tall, probably weighs between 140 and 160 pounds and he's walking northeast at about 2 miles per hour! I'll follow him now while waiting for police response, and I'll check back and give you updates on his location every two minutes in case you've got squad cars on the way! Oh! Also: I have an UZI with me if you'd just like me to take care of the problem myself. Please let me know... always happy to be of service!"