Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Without Discussion

Another town jumps on the anti-vapor/anti-enjoyment train....

The Foley City Council unanimously approved a first reading on the measure Monday night, without discussion,...

There's no need to discuss this issue with the public. They are proletariat miscreants that need to be protected from themselves.  We know what's good for you, so just go sit down over there in the corner and shut up, ok?

....there was no debate on the issue among Foley council members.

Of course not. Why debate anything any more? It's easier just to ram things through so that your town can get that grant money or political favor. Democracy is old-fashioned and oligarchies are the new fashion.

Council President Wayne Trawick said there's been a consensus on the need to add e-cigarettes and any other vapor-producing devices to the city's existing law and a lot of businesses are pushing for it.

Right.....So that's why there's a need for a ban, because the free market can't take care of the issue of vapor on its own.

Oh, and here it comes....the same lame excuse for banning smoking in privately owned establishments is now being used on e-cigarettes and "other" vapor products....

Drum roll...

"We're just trying to keep it an even playing field and keeping it as uniform as we can," Trawick said in a post-meeting interview with

We have to "even the playing field" because some business owners are upset that other business owners are doing well because they allow their customers to vape in their establishments. They must be crushed and brought to their knees, for we can't let freedom ring if we are going to go around controlling everyone, mow can we? We are bound to our political allies, friends, and cronies; therefore, you must do as we say.

..Typical anti-rhetoric.

Foley moving ahead with ban on 'vaping' in public places and workplaces |


  1. I hope they're planning to do something about all those restaurants that are serving their customers glasses of what looks suspiciously like VODKA with their meals.

    I've even seen them surreptitiously places glassfuls of the stuff in front of CHILDREN!