Friday, May 30, 2014

They have no right.... deny you a safer alternative.

What the hell am I talking about?.

Is This The Cigarette Of The Future, And Will The FDA Let You Buy It? - Forbes

Here are my thoughts on the issue:

E-cigs, HnB (Heat not Burn), Swedish's all good when compared to combustion. The more choices, the better for the many smokers who will NOT quit. The continued or prolonged use of a cleaner form of nicotine/tobacco is NOT the same thing as getting CANCER. E-cigarettes have been a godsend for many people, thus access to them (by adults) should should not be restrained or curtailed with onerous and over reaching regulation.

With that said, I would like to stress that the same ideology (as expressed above) should be extended to HnB (Heat not Burn) and other low TSNA (Tobacco Specific Nitrosamines) tobacco products.

There are over 1 BILLION smokers in the world that stand to benefit from the many new and novel (and some not so new) developments that are taking place in the world of science and Tobacco Harm Reduction. THR can succeed where the traditional quit or die approach has failed.

As a former smoker who has switched over to HnB entirely (via the Ploom modelTwo and the PAX), I resent the fact that my very life hangs in the balance of some future decision(s) that will ultimately be made by some tax hungry bureaucrat somewhere whom I have never even met. There is nothing fair or just about the probability that millions of adult smokers will be denied access to something that can very well save their lives.

De facto prohibition is only prolonging the misery. It's time for a change. Every tax paying smoker reserves the right to choose the least risky option according to their own personal preference(s). That's the way that it's "supposed" to work in a free society.

The FDA has no right to suppress harm reduction.

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