Monday, April 14, 2014

WHO Aims to Snuff Out E-cig Use

Good lord. Now the WHO is trying to clobber the nascent e-cig industry out of existence. I think that the days of the WHO being about health, as clearly demonstrated here, are OVER. It is simply unconscionable for a "health organization" such as this to set out to do the exact opposite of its stated mission, which is to save lives.

Here is the general, and recognizable, gist of what we're up against:

Dr Haik Nikogosian, who oversees the secretariat of the FCTC, said that e-cigarettes “could result in a new wave of the tobacco epidemic”

He added that “he felt more importance should be given to the threat posed by electronic cigarettes”, according to the minutes.

A new tobacco epidemic? Now I'm really confused, because I thought (silly me) that the stated purpose of the FCTC was to in fact diminish (not increase) the morbidity associated with smoking combustible tobacco. Being that vaping is not in fact smoking, one would think that the WHO would be encouraging smokers to switch over to vaping and other forms of smokeless tobacco! But, NOOOOOO, that would be counter-intuitive  to their real mission, which is to keep people smoking so that they can continue to stick their noses into our lives whilst getting paid handsomely to do so.

Your health , freedom, and happiness are now a THREAT to the bottom line of health agencies the world over, to their officials, their business buddies, and to their crony bureaucrats who just can't stand the notion of living along side an alternative culture (yes, this is a cultural war as well), got that? 

WHO aims to regulate e-cigarettes in same way as normal tobacco


  1. You could say that it is hard to understand the WHO attitude. You would be wrong to do so.
    The WHO attitude demands the total elimination of the tobacco plant. The same attitude could be imagined in relation to the vine. Uproot all vines, and thus remove the availability of wine.
    The Zealots are terrified of ecigs, and the UN - that august organisation - has revealed itself to be utterly corrupt.

    We have all sorts of systems to counter terrorism, but we seems to have no system to counter corruption in the UN.

    1. It's all quite disheartening to say the least.

      The longer that the antis thwart harm reduction, the longer the pain and suffering on many fronts....heatth-both mental and physical-, business, politics, socioeconomic disparities lead by prejudice...the list goes on.

      One has to wonder how many smokers would be alive today if harm reduction had not been buried some 3-4 decades ago. Imagine where we would be if that had not been the case...Now we have e-cigarettes and vaporizers finally coming to the forefront of the public's attention and of course, they're trying to stop the progress once again.

      As and aside, did you know that the first e-cigarette was invented in the 1960s (!) ? I was reading about it the other day. The inventor is still around today (forgot his name...have to look it up). In an interview he mentioned that no one would give his invention the time of day!

  2. You may enjoy this take on the subject;

    1. "Later in the week, during a brief visit from their own perfect dimension, and noting that all their wild ideas had resulted in nothing more than the completing of a really, really big circle, the boss of the WHO had to admit to his committed, sorry, committee, “You know all that nasty stuff they’ve been saying about us? Well, you know what? It’s true."