Monday, April 28, 2014

Thank You For Vaping

..From Audrey Silk @! NYC Clash:

So Reason Magazine is co-hosting an event with Henley Vaporium (donors to the e-cig lawsuit fund too) in Manhattan tonight (Mon.) called "Thank You for Vaping." Reason has plans to interview me while I'm there. But I'll also have with me a jar and this sign:


...and for those of us who live in or near NYC, the event details are as follows:

On April 29, NYC will ban e-cigarettes in bars, restaurants, clubs and public places.

On April 28, the eve of the ban, we invite you to taunt the prohibitionists: Listen to prominent critics of e-cig regulation, listen to music from a live DJ, and carry on vaping after midnight to flaunt your disregard for the nanny state! 
Join Reason, The Museum of Sex and the Henley Vaporium for a celebration of the important role e-cigarettes can play in reducing harm from smoking and the dangers of NYC’s ban on vaping in public places.

Featuring, at 9.30 pm, Bill Godshall, Director of SmokeFree Pennsylvania, in interview with journalist and Willpower co-author John Tierney (See John’s article about e-cigarettes.) followed by  Talia Eisenberg, co-founder of the Henley Vaporium.

Guest commentators will also include Reason Magazine Editor-in-Chief Matt Welch, along with his co-host of "The Independents", Kmele Foster.

Since 1986, Bill Godshall has advocated policies to protect people from the involuntary exposure to tobacco smoke pollution, reduce tobacco marketing to youth, increase cigarette taxes, preserve civil justice remedies for injured smokers, expand tobacco education and cessation services, and inform smokers that noncombustible tobacco/nicotine products are less hazardous alternatives to cigarettes.  Mr. Godshall worked for the Allegheny County Health Department and the American Cancer Society before founding Smokefree Pennsylvania in 1990, for which he has served as Executive Director. He earned a Bachelor of Science from Pennsylvania State University and a Master of Public Health from the University of Pittsburgh.

Talia Eisenberg is the co-founder and head creatrix behind Henley Premium Vapor and The Henley Vaporium. A long time smoker and former party girl from her days at the helm of the Lower East Side’s “Heist Gallery”, Eisenberg took a hiatus in Boulder, Colorado which opened her eyes to a cleaner lifestyle where fitness and nutrition helped put her back on track. While trying to rid herself of her last vice, cigarettes, in 2011 Eisenberg stumbled upon an electronic option and despite the device’s shortcomings, used it to quit smoking. This discovery propelled Eisenberg to take action by partnering with experienced entrepreneur Peter Denholtz to develop their own vaping products and launch Henley. Talia is a huge proponent of harm reduction.

                Thank You for Vaping

For those of you amongst us that are lucky enough to attend, please do do have a joyous time sticking up your finger to the man, er...Nanny State.  I wish that I could be there:-)


  1. Don't we all wish that we could be there, J!
    But there is something wrong. The event should be taking place THE DAY AFTER THE BAN, AND THE DAY AFTER THAT, AND THE DAY AFTER THAT, AND ETC. To hold the event BEFORE the ban is capitulation.

    1. Junican,

      The ban officially begins at midnight, so they will in fact be vaping with the ban in place:-)