Tuesday, April 22, 2014

No smoking or VAPING in your own home

Corte Madera, a town in Marin County, CA has just voted to ban smoking and vaping in multifamily housing units. I would say that this is hard to believe, but given the current (and past) trajectory of all things anti-pleasure, this is not a surprise at all.

They keep on lying about the effects of 2nd hand smoke in order to further their agenda, which is ultimately to have complete control over what people do in their own homes; however, when it comes to the issue of "passive vapor", they don't even have a proper lie to conjugate to the masses that would justify the encouragement of neighbors spying on one another for the sake of enforcement:

Phyllis Galanis of Corte Madera said she used to be a smoker, but believes e-cigarettes are
marketed toward children and secondhand smoke can cause health problems in multifamily units.

Oh, now there is a reason for trampling all over the 4th amendment if I have ever heard one.

What a crazy time we're living in...

Corte Madera votes to ban smoking, e-cigarette use in multifamily housing units - Marin Independent Journal

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