Thursday, January 2, 2014

A New Day

First of all, Happy New Year to everyone!

It sure looks like 2014 is going to be a year fraught with many battles for the smoking/vaping/harm reduction community.

If there's any one thing that will prove to be beneficial to us in our quest for equality and truth, it's the ever changing tide of public opinion. With that said, I feel that there is hope that we will get to where we need to be...eventually. It may take awhile, but we will get there.

As an aside..I haven't had much time to post here lately, as I have been in and out of the recording studio with my band. I've also undertaken the task of learning a bit about computer coding in the hopes that once I "get it" I'll have more time to post here. I have, however, been keeping up on the relative news of the day. A couple of recent stories stand out to me:

PMI and Altria partner on reduced risk products-

Cigarette makers Philip Morris International and Altria Group will cooperate on marketing and developing reduced risk products including e-cigarettes and heated tobacco products, the companies said.

I sure hope that the FDA doesn't hamper the whole process by making the approval process overly onerous and restrictive. The success of THR depends on consumer acceptability and the right to make truthful claims about such products. It also means that these products are going to have to be attractive (and tasty), an idea that makes many an anti head spin.

The truth is (as I know it from personal experience) that apart from nicotine and its associated alkaloids, flavor also plays a significant role in what makes smoking attractive. This admission is exactly what anti tries to use against us when using the "smoking is addictive" argument; however, flavor is what got me to switch from smoking to vaping (..been about 3 1/2 months now..) with my Ploom modelTwo.

If more companies are allowed to develop and market THR products that taste at least as good (or better) as that of the traditional cigarette, a huge barrier to THR will have been removed. Good tasting products (including the use of flavors) have the potential to save lives. Someone very powerful needs to convince the FDA of this fact. President Obama, are you listening?

..and in other news, it looks like more and more, folks are getting fed up with the tide of over-regulation:

Protesters At Capitol Send 'Smoke Signal' To Governor Fallin


Smoking is illegal on state property, but dozens were doing just that Wednesday at the state capitol. They were protesting a ban on e-cigarettes that took effect Jan. 1. - Tulsa, OK - News, Weather, Video and Sports - |

Good for them! Like Audrey Silk said recently to outgoing NYC Mayor Bloomberg: "Good people disobey bad laws." Indeed they do. Happy New Year!