Wednesday, October 9, 2013

It causes them to wonder

There appears to be no shortage of brilliant quotes today that protrudeth from the mouths of the noble and pious. This one is in regards to a proposed banning of e-cigarettes (in addition to real cigarettes) in the great outdoors. Never mind the fact that banning smoking in the great outdoors is well, utterly ridiculous, but e-cigarettes too? Whatever reasoning could be used to justify something so preposterous?

This one is a keeper:

The appearance of them causes people to wonder, 'what is it?'" Brede said.
Oh, now we can't have people wondering about things, now can we? They might actually become creative and invent something that saves the lives of millions whilst restoring their social lives to what they used to be before all of this madness began.

Any urge to laugh at what would otherwise appear on the surface to be a comical statement quickly dissipates when one realizes that these words were uttered by the mayor of rather large town.

Rochester council bans smoking, e-cigs outside library - Local


  1. Hello jred...
    I trust that you do not mind that I have used your link in a comment at Dr Siegel's place.
    It amazes me how deeply the public have been traumatised by the exaggerations of Tobacco Control. I read the comments on that article and there are still people who who are terrified of a wisp of vapour. It is truly amazing.

    I think that these people are not people who can be reasoned out of their beliefs since their beliefs are emotional. Only a contrary emotion will change their view. That is what happened with Prohibition. The anti-alcohol hysteria dissipated when fear of contamination and gang warfare overtook it.
    Tobacco Control has sown the seeds of its own destruction.

  2. Hi Junican,

    I need to get a share button/app on here. Thanks for sharing! Soon enough, the world is going to change around us (for the better). Tobacco harm reduction research is going to leave the anti-tobacco fear mongers standing out in the open with no clothes...eventually:-)