Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Australia Considers Total Prohibition

The anti-tobacco Taliban in Australia has decided to take a plunge towards its final solution by completely banning smoking, well...sort of:

If electronic cigarettes are found to be safer, Australia may push through with the smoking ban. Other methods believed to help people quit smoking such as lozenges, patches and hypnotherapy had no effect on smokers.

Well, at least they speak the truth by acknowledging the ineffectiveness of traditional quit smoking aids. It also appears that the Australian anti-tobacco establishment has taken a great leap forward in the sense that they have finally seen the light by declaring, albeit  informally, that it is not the act of smoking that is so harmful, but rather that the harm is due to certain constituents that reside in the smoke of combustible cigarettes. This is a step in the right direction...in part, but they appear to miss (in my humble opinion, as a smoker) the bigger picture. It is also true that electronic cigarettes are proving to be a god-send for many smokers, but as many smokers will reluctantly admit, they do not appeal to all smokers:

Others who have tried e-cigarettes observed a change in their smoking habits. However, e-cigarettes might not work as well on others since every experience will be different.

Get out! Like, no way! Really? So what is the Australian government's solution for the vast majority of smokers for whom e-cigarettes may not equate to "the ultimate solution"?  Why, total prohibition of "traditional" cigarettes of course! Let's not help smokers by further exploring all of the options available when it come to the development of various models/brands of harm reduction cigarettes, let's opt for the more draconian and progressive option: turn them (err, I mean us) all into criminals! What a brilliant solution from such a highly connected and well educated lot! Who'da thunk it?

Australia's Possible Nationwide Smoking Ban Will Be World's First


  1. It never ceases to amaze me how utterly arrogant these people are. It doesn't seem to occur to them that perhaps the majority of smokers are quite happy to carry on smoking, and have no desire to quit. And what the hell business is it of theirs anyway? If I want to smoke, then that's up to me. Just who do they think they are, to tell me how to live my life? (Cue sputtering indignation!) :)

  2. "And what the hell business is it of theirs anyway?

    Good question Nisakiman. It's simply none of their business, especially in what is deemed to be a democratic society.