Sunday, September 29, 2013

Today's Weather News: The wind is shifting its direction

 TALLAHASSEE, Fla. -- Former American Lung Association (ALA) President and CEO Charles D. Connor joined the Electronic Cigarette Industry Group Inc. (ECIG) as a consultant.

..Interesting.....It appears that the days of NRT are fast coming to an end.

Former American Lung Association Head Joins E-Cigarette Association - People - Convenience Store News

Thursday, September 26, 2013

Go to the doctor to get your ears cleaned, get charged for smoking cessation advice

Thanks to Audrey Silk for posting this on FB via NYC Clash-

A Jamestown man says he was unknowingly charged for services during a doctor's appointment. He noticed an extra fee was on his bill for information on 'how to quit smoking.' but he didn't ask for the help, and wants other smokers to pay close attention to their doctor bills.


Patients Billed Unknowingly For Smoking Information - Valley News Live - KVLY/KXJB - Fargo/Grand Forks

Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Australia Considers Total Prohibition

The anti-tobacco Taliban in Australia has decided to take a plunge towards its final solution by completely banning smoking, well...sort of:

If electronic cigarettes are found to be safer, Australia may push through with the smoking ban. Other methods believed to help people quit smoking such as lozenges, patches and hypnotherapy had no effect on smokers.

Well, at least they speak the truth by acknowledging the ineffectiveness of traditional quit smoking aids. It also appears that the Australian anti-tobacco establishment has taken a great leap forward in the sense that they have finally seen the light by declaring, albeit  informally, that it is not the act of smoking that is so harmful, but rather that the harm is due to certain constituents that reside in the smoke of combustible cigarettes. This is a step in the right part, but they appear to miss (in my humble opinion, as a smoker) the bigger picture. It is also true that electronic cigarettes are proving to be a god-send for many smokers, but as many smokers will reluctantly admit, they do not appeal to all smokers:

Others who have tried e-cigarettes observed a change in their smoking habits. However, e-cigarettes might not work as well on others since every experience will be different.

Get out! Like, no way! Really? So what is the Australian government's solution for the vast majority of smokers for whom e-cigarettes may not equate to "the ultimate solution"?  Why, total prohibition of "traditional" cigarettes of course! Let's not help smokers by further exploring all of the options available when it come to the development of various models/brands of harm reduction cigarettes, let's opt for the more draconian and progressive option: turn them (err, I mean us) all into criminals! What a brilliant solution from such a highly connected and well educated lot! Who'da thunk it?

Australia's Possible Nationwide Smoking Ban Will Be World's First

Friday, September 6, 2013

Anti-Harm Reduction Hacks Struggle to Solve E-cigarette "Problem"

Anti-harm reduction strategists in California are fast at work in trying to keep smokers from switching to less hazardous ways of inhaling nicotine and flavors. The fine folks at Change Lab Solutions are attempting to
take the lead- keep their paychecks- in their fight against the novel e-cigarette. Oh, but wait....I thought that these people were anti-SMOKING activists...oh...err...never mind:

For communities that don’t have local laws regulating tobacco – or that want to address electronic devices head on - we've developed a new model ordinance. The Model Ordinance Regulating Electronic Smoking Devices prohibits the use of electronic smoking devices in areas where smoking is prohibited, and prohibits certain retail practices—for example, giving away free samples of electronic smoking devices or selling electronic smoking devices in vending machines.

Isn't that lovely? They've developed a new model ordinancemodel ordinance model ordinance that would further enable bullies and busybodies everywhere in their crusade to 
help harass smokers and former smokers. You would think that these people would embrace the idea of electronic cigarettes, being that there is no smoke and all, but noooooooo, we can't encourage something that might make our jobs irrelevant and obsolete, now can we?

Meanwhile, our infrastructure continues to crumble all across the country, with California being one of the states suffering from a lack of funding to fix all things that are fundamental to our modern way of life.. Now how is it that the state has the money to pay anti-harm reduction advocates at a time when there is no money for the upkeep of its infrastructure? I don't mean to wander off topic, but the issue of priorities seems to have gotten lost somewhere along the way.

Meanwhile, more people will continue to die prematurely due to the fight against any and all forms of tobacco harm reduction. This just serves as one example. There is much research that suggests that there are a number of ways to reduce the harms that are associated with smoking, and these people appear to be against all of them. It's not surprising really, given anti tobacco's history of suppressing any attempts at creating a safe(er) cigarette.

...and they say that they're in the business of public health....interesting.

How to Regulate E-Cigarettes and Other Electronic Smoking Devices in Your Community | ChangeLab Solutions