Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Same Old Song and Dance

The FDA is still beating the anti-menthol drum, even though it has been shown that menthol cigarettes are no more addictive.  In fact, they may even be less risky as compared to that of non-menthol cigarettes. Despite these findings, they still claim the opposite:

The FDA published preliminary results from a study it conducted that suggests "menthol cigarettes pose a public health risk above that seen with non-menthol cigarettes."

FDA considers tightening rules on menthol cigarettes -

Now, compare the above quote to the findings of this study published in Oxford University Press:

"Among both blacks and whites, menthol smokers reported smoking fewer cigarettes per day;"
"Menthol and non-menthol smokers showed equal odds of quitting. Both lung cancer incidence and mortality were lower in menthol smokers compared with non-menthol smokers, even after adjusting for pack-years of smoking."
 "Results do not support claims that menthol cigarettes are responsible for a greater lung cancer burden in African Americans and in fact raise the possibility of a lesser threat compared with non-menthol cigarettes."
 "Conclusions-The findings suggest that menthol cigarettes are no more, and perhaps less, harmful than non-menthol cigarettes."

Lung Cancer Risk Among Smokers of Menthol Cigarettes

Now what was that about menthol posing a greater health risk again?

Disclaimer: I do not smoke menthol cigarettes. Hell, but I might make the switch:-)

Sunday, July 21, 2013

No, it's not about the money...really...

More madness out of California, though I doubt that anyone reading this would be surprised. Long ago, the anti-smoking lobby morphed into an industry that became reliant on "sin"taxes, job stability, and vitriolic Voodoo. It may have been about health at one time, but clearly that time has ceased to exist.

SACRAMENTO, CA – The California Assembly is considering a bill that would ban the use of e-cigarettes and similar smokeless vaporizers in areas where tobacco smoking is banned.

There is no evidence that vaporizers pose an appreciable second-hand smoking risk to the public. Users are known to vaporize in elevators and crowded rooms without any detectable odor or adverse notice. Bystanders are routinely exposed to worse emissions from kitchens, grills, garden plants, buses, chimneys, detergents, room deodorizers, gas stations, etc.

Sound familiar?

I hate to say it, but I knew that it wouldn't be long before they came after the pot vapers. Vaporizers, as is harm reduction in general, are a threat to many a salaried interest. First, it was about the 2nd hand smoke (for which no increased risk for mortality was found), but when the near smokeless Eclipse cigarette was developed, anti did everything within his/her power to bury its existence. Now it's about e-cigarettes.....and vaporizers. Oh, the horror! Tobacco users might switch over to vaporizers once someone gets the technology/design right! Millions of people could go on enjoying their lives whilst incurring the benefit of improved health. No, we can't have that, now can we?

Vaporizers are designed to eliminate the respiratory hazards of smoking by eliminating the combustion that produces the smoke.


California E-Cigarette Bill Would Restrict Use of Medical Marijuana Vaporizers

Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Well, what'ya know?

 Drum roll please:

Exposure to air pollution may increase a person's risk of developing lung cancer and heart failure.

But, I thought that 2nd hand smoke was wholly responsible for the killing off the human race. Apparently, there are other factors that need to be taken into account :

For the first study, researchers looked at long-term exposure to nitrogen oxides and particulate matter.

The second report included 35 studies from 12 countries that looked at heart failure hospitalizations and deaths, and how they related to the increase of gaseous air pollutants including carbon monoxide, sulfur dioxide, nitrogen dioxide and ozone. 

"There is now no doubt that fine particles are a cause of lung cancer," he said.

I'm going to have to remember this. The next time someone gives me a dirty look for having a cigarette in the great outdoors (..though it doesn't really happen to me much anymore, now that I live in Louisiana) while simultaneously having the gall to drive away in a vehicle (that gasses out everyone on a restaurant patio, BTW), I am going to politely ask them not to infect me with their 2nd hand exhaust! 

Pollution linked to lung cancer, heart failure increases - CBS News