Friday, February 22, 2013

More Madness

By unanimous vote, the Senate Regulated Industries Committees approved the measure (SB 258), which expands the state’s clear indoor air restrictions to more outdoor venues. Voters approved the Florida Indoor Clean Air Act a decade ago.

Right. So voters approved the Indoor Clean Air Act over a decade ago, but apparently, that was not enough to satisfy the prohibitionists. Once given an inch, anti figures out a way to incrementally make us all miserable.

“Nobody wants to put anyone in jail for doing these things but it does send a signal,” said Sen. John Thrasher, R-St. Augustine. “This state wants to be smoke free, eventually…. this is just one incremental step toward getting there.”

What kind of signal does it send Sen. Thrasher, that incremental steps towards neo-statism are all that's good and noble? This is the trajectory that you have chosen to pursue? Are you sure that you're a Republican sir?

Take a gander at how much $$ the state of Florida takes in from tobacco alone.

From the fiscal year of 2010:

$1,908,661,429- That is how much the state of Florida made off of tobacco in the fiscal year of 2010. 

I think that it's time that we demand a bit of respect.

No smoking outside?: Senate panel passes outdoor smoking ban bill | Pensacola News Journal |


  1. I'm getting seriously depressed about these ever-increasing bans. What really gets me is the comments whenever a story like this appears- people have been taught to fear secondhand smoke and despise smokers, so nobody cares to stand up to a ban like this, even smokers who are afraid of being ostracized even further. I wish I felt like there was something tangible I could do to stand up against this, but what can we do?

    1. Emily,

      Many of the pro-ban people who write in response to news articles such as this are paid anti-smoking advocates (ie., via federal and state grants). Most people are rational. What can you do? Speak out. Write to newspapers, etc...

  2. I feel like when I speak up about these issues to friends and family, they don't wat to hear it and I get very little interest or response. But I also realize that sometimes people will think about what you say later and might have more of an effect than I think. I am just discouraged right now. Writing to newspapers is a good idea. I will try to keep thinking of constructive ways to speak out.

    1. People are often interested in what affects them directly. Don't take it personally. It is true that what you say now may have have an effect on their view(s) when approached in the future, so keep being who you are. Taking up any cause can be discouraging. I know, it happens to me on occasion as well. No worries though...just keep pushing on. Find a Zen space to ward off any stress that may come with being an outspoken advocate of free choice. If you think of anything constructive, let me know. I could always use the advice:-)

    2. Emily, just seeing this now. I'd recommend printing out a Stiletto from and letting it do your speaking FOR you sometimes. You can even "play innocent" and say, "I *know* there must be something wrong with this guy's arguments, but I can't figure out what... can you help me?"

      Heehee... and then sit back and watch their heads explode, or, if they DO try to come up with stuff, you can, again innocently, point out where they're wrong.


  3. This entire neo-prohibitionist movement has its roots in the United States of America. Kind of hard to sympathise if it is hitting harder there than anywhere else. Yet.