Monday, February 18, 2013

Less is More

This is an inspiring story:

Cowell first lit a cigarette in 1931, and has smoked two or three a day since. Her daughter Lynda Fowler (which I almost typed as "Lila Fowler") said "The secret to mum's long life is a cigarette and a cup of tea with whisky. That and hard work and poverty. She's an inspiration."

Now that sounds like the good life to me!

I take this to mean that indulging in a little bit of what you enjoy is better than having none of what you enjoy. No one is perfect, therefore there is no logical reason to strive towards the unrealistic goal of being "perfect". There is a middle path, and ironically, this path of moderation (rather than all out abstinence) may in fact be the key to life extension for some.

Trying to be perfect is stressful and we all know that stress is bad, not only for your mental health, but for your physical health as well.  It makes "perfectly" (pun intended) good sense therefore, to permit yourself to dabble in a little bit of what's "bad" for you;  for what is a life that is devoid of a few simple pleasures here and there?

..Makes a lot of sense to me. A life enjoyed is a life well lived.

For some inspiration, read on:

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