Thursday, January 10, 2013

The Secret To Longevity

Thanks to Gabi Coleman for posting this on Facebook via Friends of Forest-

According to Britain's oldest man Ralph Tarrant, the secret to a long life is.....

Drum roll.......

He was one half of Britain's oldest married couple until his wife Phyllis died aged 102 last year. And Mr. Tarrant says the secret to a long life is to enjoy vices as well as much as virtues. 'Stay active and stay interested,' he said

.....and his wife Phyllis lived to be 102! ..So much for 2nd hand smoke being this ubiquitous cause of every illness known to mankind.

Ralph Tarrant Britain's oldest man reveals secret to hitting 109 years old: 'I smoked until I was 70 and still enjoy a drink!' | Mail Online

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