Friday, November 30, 2012

One Small Victory

Thanks to Audrey Silk for posting this on Facebook via NYC CLASH-

SPRINGFIELD — Lawmakers Wednesday declined to override Gov. Pat Quinn’s veto of a plan that would allow Cancer Treatment Centers of America to discriminate against hiring smokers.

The plan by state Sen. Dan Duffy, a Lake Barrington Republican, was approved by lawmakers earlier in the year. 

We smokers can count this as one small victory against the constant onslaught of anti-smoker venom and vitriol that is spewed at us on a daily basis. There appears to exist at least a few lawmakers with a conscience in my home state of Illinois.

In reading this article another thought comes to mind: This is not only a victory for us smokers, this is also a victory for every cancer patient that will ever (unfortunately) have to be at the mercy of this horrible disease, for at the very least they will be (hopefully) receiving the best treatment from the most accomplished doctors, some of whom may smoke or use tobacco on occasion. I know that if I, or any of my loved ones should ever need treatment for ANY disease, I'd want those with the highest level of expertise; I couldn't care less if they smoke or not.

If you or any of your loved ones should ever need medical treatment, which would you prefer in such an unfortunate situation? An incompetent doctor that doesn't smoke or the doctor with the highest accolades in his/her field of study?

Lawmakers: Cancer center can’t discriminate against smokers in hiring -

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