Friday, November 16, 2012

Nicotine is a controlled substance?

Names are being gathered on an on-line petition calling for the Obama administration to inform the public that nicotine is a dangerous drug with no medical value, and to re-classify it as a controlled substance.

The petition, created on November 11 and aiming for 25,000 signatures, had 13 signatures by November 16.

Who are the 13 signatories I wonder?

Some of the reasons given are quite preposterous, so much so that the whole idea is somewhat funny:

1. ‘Nicotine is a powerfully addicting drug with no medical or mental health benefit.

Um, about a billion and a half people would take issue with this statement.

Here's a good one:

3. ‘Nicotine causes irreversible brain damage in the majority of users.

Surely this statement was meant to be satirical?

5. ‘The CDC advises that the vast majority of nicotine addicts want to stop using nicotine, and cannot.

Clearly not true, for if this were the case then there wouldn't be so many people who continue to enjoy tobacco and e-cigarettes. People want to "quit" the carcinogens (nicotine is about as carcinogenic as a cup of coffee), not the pleasure that is gained from the act of smoking .  People smoke because the enjoy it, it's that simple. How common is it for people want to give up anything that they enjoy?

6. ‘There is no cure for nicotine addiction, and no treatment with a reasonable combination of safety and effectiveness.


There is no cure for the want of joy and pleasure in this life and that bothers those of us who are perpetually miserable.  Everyone must be miserable like us.

Proposed petition aims to have nicotine re-classified as controlled substance : Tobacco Reporter

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