Friday, September 28, 2012

The Zealots Never Sleep

 Since he took office in 2003, he’s been working for a higher cigarette tax in the state. And since 2009, he’s been pushing (you’ll pardon the pun) a bill that would make it a crime to possess nicootine without a physician’s prescription.

Oy. So much for working towards the end of the drug war and the industrial prison complex. 

OR: Lawmaker wants to criminalize cigarettes, will settle for higher tax « Watchdog News


  1. In the Doll and Hill Doctors Study, Doll discovered something - that smokers tend to die earlier that non-smokers. That is ALL he discovered, since, in the end, they all die from the same sort of diseaases. Somehow, that simple fact (that smokers tend to die ealier than non-smokers has been converted into a message that smoking causes deaths in smokers, which is not what his study showed. From that misconception has flowed the confusion in the minds of Zealots. The politician you mention is a clasic case of the confusion. He says that he wants people to stop smoking, but wants the revenue that they bring in. A question that the zealots never answer is this:
    "If all smokers stopped tomorrow, where would you get the revenue from which they contribute, and where would you get the revenue from to look after them when they live much longer in old age?"
    Badsest to them all!
    (Oh! You will not know the word 'badsest', J, will you? It is an old Irish word. It is a short form of 'bad sayest' - meaning "I say that I hope something bad happens to you")

    From Junican (aka JW - must sort out this google acount).

  2. "Oh! You will not know the word 'badsest', J, will you?"

    Even though I am Irish (on my mom's side) I have never heard of that word/term before, though I (thanks to you) know what it means now. much as the zealots irritate me to no end, I would never wish anything bad upon anyone. Though some of them do deserve to take a nice walk onto the unemployment line:-)

    BTW, James Watson? Lol..

  3. 'Bedsest to them all'...
    A bit like saying, "Bugger them" - not meant literally!

    Scottish on my father's side, Irish on my mother's. Why the LOL?

    I have a lot of both famous and infamous name-sakes.....!

    I want to get my 'Junican' name back, but I am struggling.

  4. "Why the LOL? "

    James D. Watson-

    James Dewey Watson is an American molecular biologist, geneticist, and zoologist, best known as a co-discoverer of the structure of DNA in 1953 with Francis Crick.

  5. Ah yes....our Jimmy. He beat me to it....