Monday, July 16, 2012

Links of the day

 Thanks to Matthias Clock for posting this on Facebook via NYC CLASH-

What a great idea!!

The past couple of years has seen the growth of an interesting idea: mobile cigar shops.

Small Cigar Shops Go Mobile « FineTobaccoNYC

....and a not so great idea:

The Clearwater, Florida City Council will soon consider some drastic new laws aimed at homeless people, but which could also affect the general population.
The city council has already welded shut the doors to public bathrooms, turned off access to water in public areas and discouraged donations to a soup kitchen.
Oh, where have all of the hippies gone? The compassionate folks that sit on the Clearwater, Florida City Council appear to be in direct competition with their bleeding heart brothers and sisters in San Francisco. ..Or maybe they're attempting to emulate the proud malevolence currently being directed towards smokers in Santa Monica. One thing is clear: It appears that there are some amongst us that are engaging in a race towards the bottom of the barrel of humanity, and they're doing it at lightening speed.

Clearwater, Florida May Ban Sitting on Sidewalks idea whose time has come:

Can using nicotine as a long-term substitute enhance smoking cessation over using it only as a cessation aid?

An open-label randomised pragmatic policy trial of nicotine and smokeless tobacco products for short-term cessation assistance or long-term substitution in smokers

On an individual basis, substituting cleaner forms of nicotine use for cigarettes would substantially reduce much of the health-related harms of tobacco use,
Exactly, I bet that the good folks over at the University of Queensland would be ecstatic to know that researchers at Cornell University have already developed a safer cigarette, one with the potential to reduce the carcinogenic nature of active smoking by 90%! I am sure that once made aware of this staggering breakthrough in science and public health, public health reps worldwide will be all over this latest development that has the potential to save 10s of millions of lives annually.

"You may say that I'm a dreamer......"




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