Thursday, June 7, 2012

Global Forces Attempt To Use Tobacco As Catalyst For World Taxation and Regulation

Here are a couple of interesting articles that arrived in my inbox this morning that might get your blood boiling. The first is an article in The Washington Times:

RAHN: Taxation goes global
Distant bureaucrats want your money with little accountability

...rising numbers of politically powerful persons and institutions are calling for global taxes on such things as financial transactions, tobacco, sugar and carbon emissions.
Great! Just what we need, more taxation without representation.

Once government divides people into classes and allows some classes to tax other classes, people can be taxed without their consent.
As bad as it is (and it is) at the local, state, and federal levels here in the U.S. and abroad, imagine what would come of a world tax system. Who would be accountable to the people?

The 2nd article/commentary comes the website of the WHO:

WHO: stop tobacco industry interference

On World No Tobacco Day (31 May), WHO is calling on national leaders to be extra vigilant against the increasingly aggressive attacks by the industry which undermine policies that protect people from the harms of tobacco.

Tobacco industry trying to undermine treaty

“In recent years, multinational tobacco companies have been shamelessly fueling a series of legal actions against governments that have been at the forefront of the war against tobacco.
Imagine that: A legal industry that is heavily taxed has the nerve to defend itself and its customers. This is what is supposed to take place in democratic nation states around the world. Holding a particular industry in contempt does not give foreign and unelected bureaucrats the right to undermine the constitution of any free and sovereign nation state anywhere on the globe. This is about a lot more than tobacco.

WHO Director-General Dr. Margaret Chan, someone whom I've never heard of (or voted for to represent me) up until now says that:

We must now stand together with these governments that have had the courage to do the right thing to protect their citizens.
Translation: We must now stand together with these governments that have had the courage to do the right thing by protecting their citizens against their will; force will be required for those who refuse to comply. Those (individual smokers and business owners) who do not go along with the program will be vilified, hunted down in their homes and businesses, and issued citations until they are forced into debt; we will accomplish this by claiming that there are no individuals, only the tobacco industry. We will oppose any cries of the people (individual smokers and business owners) who wish to defend their sovereign rights as people and thus expect to be represented as such. We will hunt down and suppress any scientific inquiry into the research and development of reduced risk tobacco products that could save the lives of millions of smokers annually. Tobacco must be kept as dangerous and lethal as possible so that we will continue to have an excuse to steal from a sizable minority whilst simultaneously gaining a shoe-in on future measures for global governance.

There...fixed it.


  1. If TC was honest they would just ask for a simple thing; Prohibition.It makes sense that if tobacco is so deadly as they say,they have to have the guts to ask about it,right here,right now!!

    But whilst TC has virtually made studies on every aspect that has to do with tobacco, (Did you know that No Tobacco Day has 'proven' to save lives? Just look it up!)you cannot find a study to examine any potential prohibition!!!!!

    In 2003 North Dakota considered prohibiting tobacco,but TC objected due to lack of evidence!

    Which is why they use social engineering and ofcourse something that every goverment really loves about: taxation,taxation,taxation

    In California for Prop29 Stanton Glantz was proudly promoting: Give money to my lackies,but let the smokers pay!for smth that concerns everyone...

  2. Nice write J-red. I'm keeping this one in my selective stash of to-the-point rebuttal tools --

    Merilee O

  3. Karagiannis-

    "Did you know that No Tobacco Day has 'proven' to save lives? "

    No, I did not "know" that:-)

    Thanks Merilee:-)

  4. thanks for sharing.