Wednesday, May 23, 2012

It’s time to end the drug war

 Here is an excerpt from my latest opinion piece in the Daily Opinion:

According to a fairly recent Gallup poll, 50% of Americans are now in favor of legalising marijuana, a number that is up from the 12% that supported legalisation back in 1969. A growing number of Americans are also in favour of decriminalising the simple possession of all illegal drugs. Growing support for the legalisation of marijuana is so wide in fact, that support now includes endorsements from some very unlikely public figures. It’s hard to believe, but television evangelist Pat Robertson has come out not only in favor of decriminalisation, but for all out legalisation. “Regulate it like alcohol”, he says emphatically. Indeed, we are living in changing times, for it is clear that we are witnessing a monumental sea change in public opinion that has expanded exponentially beyond that of young liberals and libertarians. The common denominator has become such: End the drug war!

You can read the rest here:

It’s time to end the drug war


  1. Right you are, of course. Now if we could just get them to stop the war on LEGAL drugs, like my precious tobacco...

  2. Off subject, but California Prop 29 is on the ballot with a vote coming June 5 - and if it passes, it will raise tobacco taxes by over 100% with the extra money going to an unelected newly created bureaucracy with no accountability to anyone and with full authority to funnel that money from out of California to other states and nations for anti-smoking hate propaganda and smoking bans. It's a biggie, if this one passes, because it will end up affecting people in other parts of the country and world, beside the corrupt nature of what it is set up to establish. Frank Davis Journal (the now "infamous") has further information on this subject matter this week at:

    And, it is claimed that this one posting has reached the #2 spot on Google search shortly after it was posted, explaining the harm this latest out of California will do, both to the people of California as well as those in other states and nations across the world.

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  4. Thanks for the link.

    Prop 29 is nothing more than a money grab for special interests and smoker haters. If the anti-smoking movement had an ounce of empathy or altruism that existed in its heart of hearts, ALL of the existing tobacco taxation (including the defacto MSA tax that was foisted upon smokers)-from the local, state, and federal levels- would already be going towards these three things:

    1) The pursuit of a cure for smoking related diseases and cancers...for SMOKERS.

    2) The development and promotion of a reduced risk cigarette (scientists have already proven that the carcinogenic activity of cigarette smoking can be reduced by 90%! ..see side bar on upper right hand corner of this blog), as well as that of other reduced risk alternatives.

    3) Health insurance for smokers. Why are we paying more for our own insurance when our very own tax dollars are going towards the insurance of others? This is morally reprehensible and needs to stop.

    The money is already there. The problem is that everyone else, except for smokers, is benefiting from it. It's outright theft to the highest degree of the word's very own definition.

    1. Hello Jred ! Thanks so much for helping to get the word out. Are you still AWOL from us out here in LaLa Land? We've got to defeat Prop 29 and put the nutty professor from San Francisco back into his little cuckoo box. As usual your summation of the situation is spot on.

      People seem to forget the MSA was for the states to recover the Medicaid cost of smoking. The Govmint won and got their money. Then came SCHIP, more smokers money for healthcare for the indigent. Prop 99 in California originally was advertised as covering the medical cost of indigent smokers - Nada. Now Prop 29 and this still has no direct benefit to smokers.

      We really need to get the 17% of SMOKERS who the polls say intend to vote to raise their own taxes to reconsider. That is between 200,000 - 300,000 votes if they change their mind in the polling booth. We need the true progressives with a heart and a brain to swing as well.

      Frank Davis is definitely the man is he not! The Google juice of his site is bringing in ears and eyes that wouldn't have been possible otherwise. It is only post I've seen on the topic written by a real life, flesh and blood smoker.

      By the way, if you go over to his Prop 29 post and click on that little link in the comments that says "Theme to A Summer Place" you'll hear a dandy little guitar version of the song. Rumor has it that the instrumentalist is a smoker and you get to keep the song if you vote NO on Prop 29.

    2. Hi SM! Thanks for dropping by. I had to leave California. There was simply no way to afford living there anymore, and on of that, it was becoming really stressful. I miss our friends, the mountains, and the desert though...Sometime in the near future we're going to have to come back for a visit and a hike, while doing my best to avoid restaurants and bars in the city:-) We'll probably come back for a show in the near future as well. There is a new club there that actually has a smoking room (it's grandfathered in); we'll probably play there, so as not to alienate anyone who might want to come and see us.

      I surely hope that Prop 29 is defeated. I truly believe that if the people of California were to be made aware of the fact that existing tobacco taxes have been diverted away from the very beneficiaries that have been paying into the anti-smoker pogrom, it would get defeated by a landslide, as most people have a heart when confronted with the truth.

      "Frank Davis is definitely the man is he not! "


      "By the way, if you go over to his Prop 29 post and click on that little link in the comments that says "Theme to A Summer Place" you'll hear a dandy little guitar version of the song."

      Awesome. I'll go and check it out.

      Good luck tomorrow:-)