Tuesday, April 24, 2012

In Switzerland, New High-Tech Lounges Put The Cool Back In Smoking - Worldcrunch - All News is Global

 Thanks to Audrey Silk for posting this on Facebook via NYC Clash-

“Today’s smoking lounges don’t have anything to do with the old smoky rooms for Havana cigar connoisseurs, or worse yet, the smoking areas in airports,” says Antoine Wasserfallen, a professor at the Hotel School in Lausanne. “They are the result of careful research in design and new technologies.”
Technology, science and the truth will bring defacto tobacco prohibition to an end in the near future, as scientists forge their way into the future with new patents on reduced risk cigarettes and air filtration technology.

The natural progression of things cannot be brought to an infinite halt, for it is intrinsic to our very nature as human beings to develop new and novel pathways into the future; contrary to the abolitionist's view, this is the true meaning of progress. Even the world's most powerful actors cannot dam the flow of the river (aka progress); they may alter the course of its flow, but it will always seek out alternative pathways, thus inevitably arriving at its destination.

In Switzerland, New High-Tech Lounges Put The Cool Back In Smoking - Worldcrunch - All News is Global


  1. How very refreshing - and eminently sensible. Of course the Swiss are the only nation I can think of who actually do democracy in a real sense, so it comes as no surprise that they are the only European country who can adopt a pragmatic approach to the paranoia of anti-smokers.

    Unfortunately I can't see this common-sense solution being adopted elsewhere. After all, it sends the wrong message, doesn't it... Smoking in comfort? In public? Oh no, the antis will never countenance that. Smokers are filthy, stinking rejects who must be excommunicated. They can never be catered for. "Quit or die" is the rallying cry of the righteous.

    I can see Switzerland becoming a popular holiday destination! :¬)

  2. Nisakiman-

    "I can see Switzerland becoming a popular holiday destination! :¬)"

    Me too! Other countries will then envy their gain in tourism and thus follow suit, much to the chagrin of the anti-smokers....eventually:-)

  3. More on the above story

    their brochure http://www.wtc-geneva.ch/Airkel_anglais.pdf

    and http://worldofgerard.com/smoking_lounge.php

  4. "The fresh air is filtered before its entrance in the room, and, if necessary, the polluted air is filtered before its extraction."

    Lol! Thank God that the air coming from the outside is filtered. Think of what it would be like to have "fresh" air constantly being pumped into an enclosed room in a city such as Los Angeles! Err..we all know how clean the air is in Los Angeles. The developers/inventors of this ventilation system have literally pondered every possible scenario. This is amazing. The comparative study on page 10 of the pdf link is very impressive.

    If I had the money, I'd invest in this company. This is what the hospitality (and concert venue) business needs right now in my opinion. If smoking and non-smoking patrons can enjoy themselves equally in a hospitable setting, then more people will come out and spend $$, thus creating more jobs and selling more tickets for live shows.


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