Tuesday, April 10, 2012

22nd Century Group to File Modified Risk Cigarette Applications with the FDA - MarketWatch

CLARENCE, N.Y., Apr 10, 2012 (BUSINESS WIRE) -- 22nd Century Group, Inc. XXII +0.33% , a company focused on tobacco harm reduction and smoking cessation, announced that applications will be filed with the FDA for two types of modified risk cigarettes in accordance with the FDA’s March 30, 2012 Draft Guidance on Modified Risk Tobacco Product Applications.
Now I'm beginning to regain was was so virulently taken from me via the anti-smoker establishment: hope for the concept of tobacco harm reduction.

As this press release from 22nd Century Group states, there are applications being filed with the FDA for two types of modified risk cigarettes:

The first proprietary cigarette, referred to as BRAND A, is a very low nicotine (VLN) cigarette containing approximately 95 percent less nicotine than the leading U.S. cigarette brands.
I'm not so sure how well this one would go over with smokers, but hey, if it has the potential to work for some, then that's great.

Brand B is what grabs my attention:

The second proprietary cigarette, referred to as BRAND B, is a low-tar cigarette with a relatively higher nicotine content, effectively the world’s lowest tar-to-nicotine ratio cigarette. 
How refreshing it is to see an idea who's time has finally come brought back into the light of day!  Dr. Gio Batta Gori of the Tobacco Working Group at the National Cancer Institute (1968-1980) tried to establish this very concept 40 YEARS AGO! That's right, for at least 40 some years now, prohibitionists have been doing everything within their power to make sure that the public never hears anything about the development of reduced risk cigarettes! According to the Neo-Bishops of (Counter) Do-Gooderism, the world should have been smoke free for at least the last 12 years now.This is not what has occurred; millions upon millions of smokers have died needlessly as a result.

Enough of my blubbering....back to the press release for some more interesting tidbits:

Studies have demonstrated that compensatory smoking (e.g., more and/or larger puffs per cigarette) of low-tar research cigarettes, similar to BRAND B, is greatly curtailed (Russell MAH 2000).
 This is what Dr. Gori was trying to establish in putting forth the idea of a higher nicotine/lower tar cigarette. It makes sense if you think about it: if you smoke less, you lower the risk.

This next quote elaborates on this very concept, which is sure to get the bishops and their pointy hats all in a tizzy:

There is a clear dose-response relationship between the level of tobacco smoke and disease; the higher the dose of tobacco smoke, the greater the incidence of disease.
If the dose of smoke inhaled is reduced significantly, reduced risk is expected.

Again, it is so refreshing to hear some common sense with regards to the tobacco issue for a change.

..and for the weary among us who have grown tired of being being told grandiose tales of how smokeless tobacco (and e-cigarettes..no offense to the users of either) holds the one and only blessed key to health emancipation, here is a little something that should resonate:

Although there is an overwhelming scientific, medical, public-health and tobacco-industry consensus that use of smokeless tobacco products (such as snus, snuff, chewing tobacco and dissolvable tobacco products) are less hazardous than smoking cigarettes, 22nd Century strongly believes that the Tobacco Control Act will be limited in promoting public health unless a proactive and aggressive approach is taken by the FDA to mandate less hazardous cigarettes. 

The vast majority of smokers and virtually all women smokers have no interest in using smokeless tobacco products (McClave-Regan et al. 2011). Mr. Pandolfino added, “The idea that converting smokers to smokeless tobacco products can be a more effective policy for tobacco harm reduction rather than focusing on the availability of less hazardous cigarettes is a straw man fallacy. The U.S. and global tobacco markets are dominated by cigarettes and will continue to be for decades.”

Of course it's a straw man fallacy. It is now and it has been for decades. It's most definitely time for a change. I hope that that change is coming soon.

 22nd Century Group to File Modified Risk Cigarette Applications with the FDA - MarketWatch


  1. This is all very odd, J.

    In Canada, some years ago, tobacco companies cooperated with government to produce a low tar cigarette. Between them, the gov and TC grew a strain of tobacco which was low tar. TCs marketed the new fags as 'light'. Now someone is suing the TCs for misleading him. The gov is trying to deny involvement.

    The whole thing is a complete farce.

  2. Junican-

    Irregardless of government involvement or not, I still hold out hopes for science, discovery, and free speech. Someday we will have access to several different types of reduced risk cigarettes.

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  4. Hi Mark. I will e-mail you. Cheers:-)