Monday, March 19, 2012

Kansas Smoking Ban: A Bar Owner's Perspective - YouTube

 Thanks to Bill Gibson for posting this on Facebook via Forces International-

Kansas Smoking Ban: A Bar Owner's Perspective - YouTube


  1. A very interesting video, J.

    I she typical of the general bar owner? Have bar owners in Kansas learnt from what has happened to pubs in England, Ireland, Scotland and Wales, and other countries? Are they prepared to fight?

    You see, there is a gaping hole in the Holy Zealots' argument. They constantly claim that public opinion is on their side. But there is a huge anomaly which is this:

    Why should the opinion of a person who never goes to bars have any influence what happens in bars? Indeed, why should a person who lives hundreds of miles from a particular bar have anything to do with what happens in that particular bar? (Assuming, obviously, that we are not talking about murder and mayhem)

    I am not sure what exactly happened in Ireland where the first comprehensive ban occurred in Britain. Perhaps pub owners were seduced by surveys which purported to show that millions of people were waiting for a smoking ban before they descended on pubs 'en masse'. They should have known better. What SHOULD have happened is that the pubs should have rallied their customers in their thousands to demonstrate against laws which forced publicans to act as unpaid policemen and stole their private property rights.

    It is to be hoped that Kansas bar owner understand.

  2. Junican-

    "I she typical of the general bar owner?"

    I think that it all depends on the demographic of the customer base.


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