Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Bloomberg Sticks It To The Homeless

 Thanks to CAGE Canada for posting this on Facebook via NYC CLASH-

This is simply unbelievable. ...Ok, maybe not, considering that Mayor Gloomie is acting in typical dictatorial fashion.

City hall says that it cannot analyze food that organizations have been donating for years or even decades, so the shelters must turn the food away. A new document from the bureaucracy dictates serving sizes, as well as salt, fat and calorie limits, fiber minimums and condiment recommendations.
There is no end to the damage that can be done by the NS (Nanny State).

New York Refuses Food For The Needy In Bloomberg's Absurd Political Correctness -

Monday, March 26, 2012

Review: Atmos Raw Vaporizer | The Daily Opinion

 Happy Monday all! Check out my latest review of the Atmos Raw Vaporizer in The Daily Opinion:

Attention vapers! There’s a new vaporizer in town that’s portable and compact. Resembling that of an e-cigarette and coming in three colors, the Atmos Raw Vaporizer offers tobacco lovers such as myself an alternative to conventional cigarettes and e-cigarettes.

Review: Atmos Raw Vaporizer | The Daily Opinion

Friday, March 23, 2012

Medical Costs For Smokers Less Than For The Healthy and Obese

 Alcohol, Obesity and Smoking Do Not Cost Health Care Systems Money - Forbes

The actual numbers for lifetime from 20 years old medical costs were:
The lifetime costs were in Euros:
Healthy: 281,000
Obese: 250,000
Smokers: 220,000

So just why are smokers being taxed so heavily again? Oh, and why are we charged higher premiums for health insurance? ...and why oh why, in the name of fairness and justice, don't we already have health insurance via our tax subsidies that are so often used to benefit everyone else except for the smoker?

The stigmatization of smokers has all been a big scam from day one and this article by Tim Worstall affirms what I have suspected all along. Without us, states would not be able to balance their budgets. If the government and medical establishments of the world really cared about our well being, they'd fire all of the anti-tobacco bureaucrats and put our tax dollars where they justifiably should be: state-covered (we the taxpayers have already paid for it) health insurance for smokers, research into cures for smoking-related diseases, and research for reduced risk tobacco products. Oh, but then we smokers might actually become healthier and live longer. The cynics (err, I mean the charlatans) won't allow for this type of blasphemous thinking, for who would they have left to oppress for the "common good" if we were to actually prove them wrong, thereby eliminating their rationalization for coercion and limitless taxation?

Thursday, March 15, 2012

Dr. Gori On The Passive Smoking Fraud.

 ..a hat tip to Andrew Philips for posting this:

If you haven't read any of Dr. Gori's books on active and passive smoking, this video provides a brief summary on what this man has been trying to express (as a result of a lifetime of work and research) for the last four decades. I wish that the media would listen. We should have had access to reduced risk cigarettes many moons (and many lives) ago.

Dr. Gori On The Passive Smoking Fraud. - YouTube

Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Fountain Of Youth

Thanks to Eric Callahan for posting this on Facebook via Forces International-

Imagine living well into your 90s whilst being in good health..It's possible. This video proves that health has a lot to do with limiting the amount of stress that one is exposed to on a daily basis; a diet consisting of healthy and unprocessed foods is also a huge factor...even if you smoke. Westerners should take note.

Monday, March 5, 2012

California Turns Its Scorn Towards Food Truck Entrepreneurs

"Carne Asada is not a Crime."

No, it's not....and neither is smoking, but hey, this is California! Everything (save, for say real crime itself) is fast becoming a crime in California. Assemblyman William Monning (D-Carmel) is so concerned with the well being of his constituents that he is hell bent on turning what are otherwise law abiding citizens into criminals whilst simultaneously pushing more of them onto the unemployment line.

Proposed legislation bodes ill for California's food trucks

Thursday, March 1, 2012

Morning Tidbits

Thanks to Audrey Silk for posting this on Facebook via NYC Clash-

This hostility towards a minority by a majority would be roundly condemned if we were talking about a racial or religious group, but what makes it all the more worrying is that this behaviour has been encouraged and even whipped up by government policy.

Yep, hatred and self-righteousness is alive and well in the civilized world. I am, at the very least, grateful to those who speak out against hatred by calling it what it is. If you see its beastly head casting its misery about, stand up to it before it turns into an even larger monster.

In politically correct Britain, being offensive to smokers is OK

In other news, we learn that there are some (ok, we already new this) who appear to harbor the notion that collective relativism trumps that of our constitutional right to free speech.

Meanwhile, the Food and Drug Administration has said that the public interest in conveying the dangers of smoking outweighs the companies' free speech rights.

Yep, you have read that right: someone actually said this...In America...In fact, it would be disturbing enough to hear of these words coming from that of an individual; but no, this radical position came from that of an entire agency, one that is paid for by we the people! For what could be of so much importance that it should take precedence over the very documents with which this country was founded upon? Why, public health, of course!

We're too stupid to make decisions for ourselves, so we must be force-fed whatever message that the Neo-Bishops of (Counter) Do-Gooderism deem to be appropriate, which is ultimately for the benefit of their shareholders. However, U.S. District Judge Richard Leon has taken the position that the U.S. Constitution takes precedence over that of rogue and impulsive activists who wish to impose their message upon others:

Judge blocks graphic images on cigarette packages