Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Tobacco Cembranoids Exhibit Anti-Cancer Activity

Well, what do you know...natural, unfermented tobacco has anti-cancer properties! Hmmm..Maybe we can vape it? ...Maybe we can add cembranoids to cigarettes? Maybe we can eliminate most or all of the harmful elements that are associated with smoking and tobacco use? Why not? The science is there.

"These marine cembranoids are known for their anticancer activity," he said. "Since the leaf and flower cuticular wax of tobacco are rich in cembranoids, and also act as a chemical defense to protect the plant against insects and harmful microbial infections, we believed that natural, fresh tobacco ingredients would offer the greatest potential as an anticancer agent."

ULM professors see anticancer potential in the most unlikely sources – tobacco leaves


  1. Check out 'smoke2vape' on youtube. In one of his videos he is vaping green tobacco.

    The carcinogenic nitrosamines, which form during curing and fermenting, are also virtually absent in uncured green tobacco (trace amounts comparable to nicotine replacement therapies).

    Smoking doesn't just cause cancer it also causes heart disease, BUT nicotine and smokeless tobacco like Swedish Snus don't appear to. So if it is not fermented or cured and is not smoked, vaporizing it could very possibly be a positive thing indeed!

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  3. Lol..thanks for the link. I saw this video the other day while searching the web for articles or links on vaporizing tobacco. Who knows, maybe vaping tobacco could turn out to be a good thing indeed. With that said, I feel that we need to be open to all of the possibilities that are available to us in our quest to find reduced risk tobacco products. That means that the science of harm reduction should also be applied to combustible products as well. There are all sorts of possibilities, like the addition of pine bark, turmeric,lycopene to cigarette filters, etc..partially combustible cigarettes/vaporizers, etc...lowering the level to tobacco specific nitrosamines, even in cured tobacco; this has proven to be particularly effective in flue-cured tobacco that is cured with indirect, rather than direct heat, etc..

    Here is an interesting link (with lots of references) about nitrosamines for example:

    It's all quite fascinating really. I truly believe that we're on the cusp of some amazing discoveries and advancements. Now if we could just get politics out of the way:-)

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  4. Interesting. I research medical and alternative uses of tobacco as a hobby and I was aware of indirect flue curing, but I have never heard of pine bark/turmeric/lycopene added to filter.

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    It's a hobby for me as well:-)I forgot to mention grape seed extract...and the possible role that resveratrol may be able to play in harm reduction.

    It's amazing what you can stumble upon when you use your