Monday, February 20, 2012

The Slippery Slope Has Gone and Slided

Thanks to Dimi Karagian for posting this on Facebook via Forces International-

Pardon my laziness in commenting on this article, but I have to work for Mardi Gras here in New Orleans tomorrow, thus, I am crashing out early so that I may be able to brave the masses tomorrow during the biggest celebration of the year here in New Orleans.

First, it was smoking bans...and now we have:

Cops in Alaska have started enforcing a statute that makes it illegal to be drunk in a bar, and have been sending plainclothes officers into bars to identify and arrest suspects.

It's hard to imagine that this could happen anywhere (ok, save for prohibition and its ugly history) in the U.S.. Somehow, living in NOLA has given me the impression that I am somehow now living on an island...Could this type of thing ever happen here? Probably; but it's going to take a long time.

It Is Illegal to be Drunk in Alaska Bars, Law Says - ABC News


  1. Believe it or not, here in the Irish Republic, it is illegal to be drunk in a bar. Like a lot of our laws, it is not enforced as the Police don't wish to make themselves unpopular with the people. The other question that arises is, how does a police person prove to a court that someone was actually drunk. ?

  2. I didn't realize how out of control the NS (Nanny State) has become in Ireland John, although I did meet a nice couple from up North (near county Donegal) recently. They were visiting New Orleans on holiday. They did mention how out of control things have become and how so many pubs have closed as a result. Of course, I have known about the smoking bans effect on pubs for awhile now, but I was unaware of this new, anti-alcohol campaign. It was interesting to hear about the state of the NS in Ireland straight from the mouths of a couple of Irish tourists who were speaking of the topic at random.. Nice folks they were:-)

    "how does a police person prove to a court that someone was actually drunk. ?"

    They'll probably start carrying around breathalyzer gizmos....Welcome to Orwell's 1984.


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