Saturday, February 25, 2012

Oh California, What Has Become of Thou?

Thanks to Audrey Silk for posting this on Facebook via NYC Clash-

What can I say, this is California, the birthplace of smoker-phobia. It's a shame, as it's such a beautiful state geographically speaking. Unfortunately, crony politicians, bureaucrats, and special interest groups have done everything within their power to rid the state of many of the assets that once made it so alluring to dreamers and entrepreneurs alike. What a waste of what was once the place of dreams, freedom, and opportunity.

The Rocklin City Council is considering making it against the law for smokers to smoke anywhere outside on their property.

Rocklin Considering Banning Residents From Smoking Outside Their Own Homes « CBS Sacramento


  1. LA recently banned beachballs, footballs and digging in the sand on their beaches. Soon it will be time to ban unattractive people as well.

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  3. Hurray for typos!! Blogger needs an edit feature for comments:-)


    "LA recently banned beachballs, footballs and digging in the sand on their beaches."

    I remember reading about that recently...meanwhile the city is broke. It's unbelievable how cities across the state of California find the time to make the lives of its citizens miserable while Rome is burning all around. Has the city rid Venice of its sidewalk vendors and performers yet? ..Maybe that's next:(

  4. This Rocklin thing bothers me for another reason beside the issue of what they are trying to do, in and of itself. San Francisco to Sacramento is a 1.5 hour drive, 90 miles, heading from west to east. Before arriving at Sacramento, about 15 miles beforehand, sits Davis, where UC Davis campus is located. And Davis, early on, was one of the first to ban all outdoor smoking everywhere within city limits, theirs maybe only a meager $25 or $50 fine. Sacramento of course has outdoor bans in parks and sidewalks, similar to San Francisco, though it can be as high as $500 for the crime of outdoor smoking in SF, maybe less in Sacramento, I'm not sure. But Rocklin, which is becoming a ritzy and pricey suburb in some spots, as new expensive housing developments were brought in, displacing the older areas, lies to the east of Sacramento, along I80, about 30 miles, along which lies SF, Davis, Sacramento, now Rocklin. So it is if the rabid anti-smoking hatred nurtured in SF, with UCSF playing a major role, is spreading across CA, from the coastal regions on the west, moving inland to eventually encompass the entire state. It did not surprise me, for example, down in Southern California, along Route 58, heading west bound from the Mojave Desert and lesser smoke-banned Las Vegas, up and over the Tehachapi mountain range and dropping down into Central Valley, tens of miles outside of Bakersfield, out in vast farming country in the middle of nowhere, to see expensive and huge billboard signs plastered along the countryside admonishing people to not smoke inside their own private cars, a testimony to how the anti-smoking industry owns and controls nearly the entire state of CA and a warning to anyone approaching from distant highways, smoking, it will not be tolerated upon entering tobacc-control-corrupted California. California is doomed to self-destruction and the anti-smoking industry has played a major, major role in defrauding the taxpayers and stealing everyones' freedoms, it's the signs of it are now literally a plague upon the entire, otherwise scenic, landscape.

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  6. Yep...they've been spending and wasting too much of our money...driving the state into catastrophic debt. Here is one example of what the future (and present) seems to have in store for California. I read this article this morning...check it out:

    Stockton to Take Steps Toward Bankruptcy, City Manager Says-

  7. Stockton is in bad shape in so many ways. If it were a corporate bankruptcy though, I would think the bondholders have precedence over equity holders. But in a municipal bankruptcy, maybe they are able to screw all the people who lent them the money, thus proving how untrustworthy, by giving anything to a government, especially a California based government, these entities actually are. If you think about it, they basically steal from the taxpayer and lavish it on themselves, then when that runs dry and they can't possibly extract anymore, they steal it from lenders whom they later refuse to pay back. And since so much of that money has been squandered on aggressive anti-smoker and anti-tobacco campaigns, based on the Fraud of SHS, Fraud Of The Century, it would be honest to say that the governments in California, at all levels, local, county and state, have become as much corrupted as if it was being run by an organized crime syndicate. And for the amount of damage they have done to peoples' lives, the crime to be charged would be Crimes Against Humanity - if, the truth were ever to be known.

  8. Oy....speaking of bonds....Here's another interesting article from California Watch via the Huffington Post:

    "A major bond rating agency sounded an alarm this month, saying the state may have borrowed more than $4 billion against settlement money that might never materialize."

    The article goes on to say that the state has issued 16 BILLION $$ worth of bonds since 2001!! Guess who's going to have to make up for the default in revenue? The taxpayers.

    It's really quite astounding to hear that there are "investors" with a stake in MSA payments to California!! Meanwhile, we smokers get screwed out of life, liberty, happiness, cancer research, health insurance (..from my understanding, what the MSA was initially intended for...for us if and when we should fall ill), and employment.

    The whole thing is absolutely disgusting.

    Kudos to California Watch for exposing this..and kudos to the Huffington Post and to all of the news organizations that have published this story.


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