Friday, February 3, 2012

Lifestyle Discrimination in Ohio

I found this story linked on the Smoker's Club Newsletter

Penn National gaming has adopted a new hiring policy for all new applicants at its Toledo and Columbus locations:

3,200 applicants will be tested for nicotine usage, refused if found positive.

..A bit extreme, eh? This isn't even about health anymore, not that it ever was. This has turned into an all out war on smokers and on nicotine itself. How has it come to this? Remember when "non-smoker" front groups maintained steadfastly that their only true objective was to allow for non-smoking sections in restaurants? We have since fallen off of the slippery slope as it has become strikingly clear that we are now witnessing the cumulative effects of a 40+ year war on smoking and smokers themselves.

It has also become apparent that the state of Ohio has chosen to maintain the status quo by not recognizing smokers as a protected class. There are 29 states, including the District of Columbia that protect against smoker discrimination in the work place; Ohio is not one of them. If I were a smoker in Ohio, I would boycott these casinos. I would also write to my state representatives and encourage them to move Ohio into the 21st century by becoming the 30th state to recognize smokers as a protected class.

Smokers not eligible for jobs in some Ohio casinos

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